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Synonyms for berserk

Synonyms for berserk

one of the ancient Norse warriors legendary for working themselves into a frenzy before a battle and fighting with reckless savagery and insane fury

frenzied as if possessed by a demon

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Cirque Berserk is run by Martin Burton who also owns the more traditional Zippo's Circus.
Cirque Berserk is on tour |around the UK, visiting Swansea, Stoke on Trent, Southport, Lowestoft, High Wycombe and Birmingham.
The guy who was causing all thetroublewasabigladandhewent berserk in a row over his girlfriend.
The berserk police are errant immune cells and their innocent victims are sheaths of a substance called myelin that surrounds axons--the impulse-carrying tendrils extending from neurons, or nerve cells.
Fruits Of Love went berserk in his horsebox and had to be cut free before finally returning to Middleham via the Royal Veterinary College in Hertfordshire.
It is much made up of stolid sub-Corbusian precast concrete slab blocks set rigid in militaristic ranks: as dull a campus as can be found anywhere in the Western academic world which during the 1960s and '70s went berserk building huge quantities of university accommodation with little regard to quality, or even longevity.
There are times'" says Walker, "when the volcanoes just go berserk," spewing hot lava and gases from Earth's interior into the sea.
But this one is absurd; it is housekeeping gone berserk.
The Four Emus label pays tribute to the daunting landscape of Western Australia and the berserk creatures that reside there.
CIRQUE Berserk is coming to Birmingham - and you and your family can see it for free plus experience an exclusive photo opportunity on the motorcycle ride Globe of Terror.
Then come along to Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl from February 26-28, and enjoy the Cirque Berserk.
This year Berserk is gearing up to get bigger and better with over 60 schools participating in the Auditions to be held from 5-9th August 2014, at UB City.
Summary: A 32-year-old GCC woman who went berserk and smashed the window glasses of another woman's car on suspicion that the latter was trying to get close to her husband, after insulting the latter on the phone, has been fined Dh50,000.
Tai loves my kids but he really enjoys visitors - if anyone comes through our gates he goes berserk.
AN ex-soldier went berserk in a police car as it was being driven at 70mph and tried to bite a police officer.