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capital of Germany located in eastern Germany

United States songwriter (born in Russia) who wrote more than 1500 songs and several musical comedies (1888-1989)

a limousine with a glass partition between the front and back seats

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Among his new buildings, the 1994 Kant Dreieck Berlin office block stands out for its extraordinary silver shark's fin, designed in homage to the dancer Josephine Baker.
The broadcast companies, which had planned to invest in Berlin in two waves, never sent the second influx of jobs and are scaling back the work force they did send.
com/berlinwall/provides photos, history, and detailed facts about the design and structure of the Berlin Wall.
His own experience, which ranges from the Moscow Classical Ballet to American Ballet Theatre, and from Marius Petipa to David Parsons, may be just what Berlin needs to lead the ballet version of the city's reunification.
A twofold selection criterion seemed to hang over every work like a death sentence: Art must teach something, ideally about Berlin, or art must deal with the "other," whether workers, women, or the homeless.
By design and by geopolitical accident, the 2003 Berlin International Film Festival did register the importance of moving towards tolerance in our troubled world.
During the Cold War, West Berlin was an important symbol of democracy--especially because Communist East Germany surrounded it on all sides (see map, p.
The highly automated Berlin plant sets the technology pace for all KBE's facilities.
Two nights ago I had the pleasure of attending the Berliner Sinfonie-Orchester at the newly refurbished Konzert Haus in East Berlin.
Within each time period, Berlin discusses four slaveholding American regions: the North, the Chesapeake, the Low Country, and the lower Mississippi Valley.
You'll already have anticipated what happened: the Berlin diplomat, the State Department, the National Security Council, the White House staff all went bananas.
Despite escalating public concern over airborne contaminants, odors and irritants, apartment building owners, managers, and even tenants, can forget that while residents may feel anonymous within a large residential building, they do share a lot with their neighbors," Berlin explains.
In essence, this is a work on historical memory as it relates to the urban landscape and the problems its "ghosts" present to the builders of a new Berlin.
Landing in Berlin last November, 10 years to the day after the fall of the Berlin Wall, I discovered a vibrant new city in construction.