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Here in Christian England was a young woman in a state of bereavement, with so little idea of where to look for true comfort, that she actually expected to find it among her mother's friends
From the mournful ruin of such bereavement, there had slowly risen up this gentle, tender, guileless, grateful-hearted being.
And then in Monsieur Thuran's loss, if they are lost, you would suffer a severe bereavement," he ventured.
Again, when his grief under his bereavement completely overwhelmed him, he was triumphing in secret, and acting a part
She had never known anyone like her; her friends had hitherto been wholesome, normal, merry girls like herself, with only the average trials of human care and bereavement to shadow their girlish dreams.
Sapsea to suggest that the river should be dragged, that its banks should be rigidly examined, that particulars of the disappearance should be sent to all outlying places and to London, and that placards and advertisements should be widely circulated imploring Edwin Drood, if for any unknown reason he had withdrawn himself from his uncle's home and society, to take pity on that loving kinsman's sore bereavement and distress, and somehow inform him that he was yet alive.
But while poor Silas's loss served thus to brush the slow current of Raveloe conversation, Silas himself was feeling the withering desolation of that bereavement about which his neighbours were arguing at their ease.
03, range= 8-14 years); 52 per cent were male and 48 per cent were female; 37 per cent had experienced death of a father, 34 per cent a grandparent, 15 per cent a mother; 97 per cent of deaths were accidents or an illness, and 3 per cent were suicide bereavements.
The leading child bereavement charity Winston's Wish aims to support children who have suffered a significant bereavement, to help them make sense of the death, to rebuild their lives and to develop resilience for their future.
While all bereavements were traumatic, he says, some deaths were particularly liable to leave survivors struggling to cope.
Life president of the charity Dr Colin Murray Parkes OBE, left, a consultant psychiatrist and eminent author on bereavement, says there is evidence from his own work and other studies that responses such as suicide, depression and psychological problems following bereavement had increased over the years.
Health minister Rosie Winterton said: "All bereavements are difficult but bereavement by suicide or other sudden death is particularly traumatic.
Produced by the Department of Health, the booklet was developed by the Centre for Suicide Research, Oxford, with input from people bereaved by suicide themselves and organisations such as Cruse Bereavement Care and the Coroners' Officers Society.
Whilst each child's situation and the course of life following the death of a parent is unique, it is also the case that there are marked similarities between loss following bereavement and loss following separation and divorce (Robinson, 1991; Rowntree, 1998; Brown, 1999).
A growing number of teachers and other relevant professionals are now recognising the need to develop an appropriate knowledge and skills base which will allow them to go further in responding effectively to those pupils, not just in the initial stages of loss after bereavement or divorce, but more particularly in the longer term.