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a severe rebuke

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In the short video clip that was shared on social media, the student's mother can be heard berating the teacher for caning the girl and leaving her with bruises and welts for a name-calling misdemeanour.
Strongly berating incumbents' lethargic and disinterested attitude on matters of National importance, he was critical of the fact that all joint resolutions passed in parliament had been rubbished.
Summary: The fearless east London grandmother who became a YouTube sensation by berating a gang during the riots has spoken out.
ISLAMABAD , June 08, 2011 (Balochistan Times ): Opposition and coalition allies belted out government over Budget of FY-2011-2012, berating incumbent executives for holding the hapless Parliament as hostage for three entire years.
It's Cesc Fabregas, who takes on punters anonymously but confesses to berating them if they screw things up while playing as the Gunners.
A guy berating a pub as he shouts about his baby's Down's Syndrome (EastEnders).
Therefore, there will be massive parental involvement in the form of debating, arguing, berating and accusations regarding any curriculum that covers the Supernatural, be it a mandatory class or an elective class.
An angry onlooker barged past attendants into the mayor's parlour and started berating Cllr Mainey.
So, I urge liberals to be sure they devote at least as much energy to getting the CIA to do a better job of concealing its agents' identities as they have been giving to berating the White House for its part in the Plame case.
"And thus," says Hamlet, "the native hue of resolution / Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought." He is berating himself for not doing anything about his father's murder when his soliloquy is interrupted by his virginal female foil, the dutiful daughter and future suicide.
This is because there is more text than the page can cope with, I spend a lot of time berating print designers who regularly have serious problems making the jump across to screen design.
Shouldn't I be berating this shallow, idle thing with Malvolian contempt, backhanding it high-handedly from some mordant critical perch?
Berating fellow-members for being overly concerned about increasing the number of bus and train passengers, and hardly bothering about the fate of congestion-jammed car drivers, David demanded to know what minister Sue Essex was going to do ``about maintaining potholes''.
"But many times I have seen Cardiff City fans berating our brothers, the Jacks of Swansea City.
Last December, a motorist told police that Simpson ignored a stop sign in the Miami suburb of Kendall and then suffered a fit of road rage, berating him, reaching into the car and ripping his glasses off.