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the univalent radical derived from toluene

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Vasicine acetate (III) and 2-acetyl benzyl amine (IV): Fractions E-H pooled together (2.
This trend is quit different from the other solvents with a higher boiling point, 1-methylimidazole (198[degrees]C) and benzyl ether (298[degrees]C); the MXDA yield increased with the reaction temperature until about 120[degrees]C.
Santicizer benzyl phthalates provide fast fusion and good rheological properties, compatibility, low migration and stain resistance.
The pills can contain benzyl piperazine which experts warn may cause heart problems, panic attacks, seizures and impotence if used excessively.
Also, the effects of varying ferrcene (ferrocene, methoxyferrocene, and cyanoferrocene) and alkyl chloride (dichloromethane and benzyl chloride) derivatives were evaluated with regard to the overall polymerization rate and conversion.
html: "Fabric softeners contain some of the most toxic chemicals (like chloroform, benzyl acetate and pentane) that are known to cause cancer and/or damage to lungs, brain and nerves.
They analyzed the urinary concentrations of methyl, ethyl, n-propyl, butyl (n- and iso-), and benzyl parabens in 100 human adults with no known industrial exposure to the compounds.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Suffocating head lice with a benzyl alcohol product appears to be a safe and effective alternative to current therapies, industry-sponsored studies suggest.
Reflecting the importance of catalysis and enantioselction in modern chemical research, the entries include a procedure for the preparation of optically active (R,R)-hydroxybenzoin from benzoin and benzyl and a procedure for an efficient, highly diastereo- and enantioselective hetero-diels-alder catalyst.
The latest TV ad starts with an additive alphabet: 'A is for Allyl butyrate, B is for Benzyl caprylate.
2-Propenyl was the predominant glucosinolate in Indian mustard (F-E75) shoots and an even larger concentration of benzyl glucosinolate was found in Herbcress shoots, with a smaller but still sizeable concentration in the Herbcress roots.
The addition of benzyl alcohol raises another concern.
It had been postulated that bulk around the quaternary nitrogen produced by the benzyl group might provide sufficient lipid solubility for absorption.