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any of a class of aromatic yellow compounds including several that are biologically important as coenzymes or acceptors or vitamins

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KEY WORDS: albumin adduct, benzene oxide, benzoquinone, nonlinear, variation.
In patients with alkaptonuria, excess homogentisic acid is oxidized and polymerized by polyphenol oxidase into benzoquinone acetic acid, which binds to collagen irreversibly.
Sodium chloride, acetic acid, chitin from crab shells (practical grade), para Benzoquinone, sodium hydroxide pellets, and coomassie brilliant blue G250, from Sigma-Aldrich Chemicals Ltd.
Hydroxyaryl ketones are versatile intermediates in the synthesis of biologically active benzoquinone, pesticides, photographic agents, UV absorbents, phenols containing liquid crystal (LC) polymers and low molecular weight mesogens [1-4].
Taxon Compounds Suborder Cyphophthalmi Ketones, naphthoquinones Suborder Eupnoi Family Phalangiidae naphthoquinones Family Sclerosomatidae ketones, alcohols Suborder Dyspnoi unknown Suborder Laniatores Infraorder Insidiatores Amines, bornyl esters, terpenes, alkaloids Phenols, methylquinones Infraorder Grassatores Benzoquinones, phenols Table 2.
Fermented wheat germ extract differs from ordinary wheat germ in that it is fermented with baker's yeast to concentrate biologically active benzoquinones.
6,355,474) and standardized for content of methoxy- substituted benzoquinones.
The di- or trihydroxy metabolites are further oxidized in the bone marrow by myeloperoxidase (MPO) to benzoquinones (Schattenberg et al.
Previous studies on Miconia species have shown the presence of triterpenes, coumarins and benzoquinones (Lowry, 1968; Macari et al.