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gum resin used especially in treating skin irritation

used in some classifications for the American spicebush and certain other plants often included in the genus Lindera

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With mid notes of lavender seillan essence, the dry down is balanced with a duet of ambranum and benzoin siam woven with sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver for texture.
This perspective is evident in his discussion of benzoin (anxixiang).
To bandage the wound, micropore tape was placed over the wound and adhered to the skin with the help of a benzoin solution without any medication on the wound.
You just have to make the tough decision of choosing between Citrus Pulse (nectarine, mandarin, passion fruit, jasmin, plumeria blossom, magnolia, benzoin, musk, sandalwood), Bright Crush (dew fruit, bergamot, plum, blackcurrant, frangipani, peony, amber, vanilla, creamy woods) or Loving Glow (mandarin, blackcurrant buds, nectarine, passionfruit, jasmine, magnolia and Plumeria).
The oud accord and the saffron oil give depth to the fragrance that, balanced with the tasty benzoin and ambreine, give the sophisticated addiction that I was looking for.
Saplings of Asimina triloba (pawpaw) and sugar maple were common in the understory along with the native shrub Lindera benzoin (spicebush).
2]), a flow agent (Additol[R] P 896), and benzoin were also added to the mixture.
Table 2--Powder Coating Formulation Based on [beta]-Hydroxy-alkyl-amide Raw Material Charge (g) Carboxylated polyester 570 [beta]-Hydroxy-alkyl-amide 30 Benzoin 5 Flow promoter Masterbatch 50 Titanium dioxide 345 Total 1000 Table 3--Salt Spray Resistance After 500 Hours for Superdurable Powder Coatings Based on [beta]-HAA ACE ACE ACE ACE Coating C Coating D Coating A Coating B based on based on based on based on NEW-SD- NEW-SD- Superdurable REF-SD- REF-SD- PES1 PES1 Polyester PES PES (version 1) (version 2) Substrate Iron Sand Sand Sand pretreatment phosphate blasted blasted blasted Creep [mm] 0-3 10-15 4-6 3-5 (a) Iron phosphate: with iron phosphating as passivation agent (b) Sand blasted: without chemical treatment--steel, rolling mill surface Ra 0.
For the experts, the perfume's top notes are bergamot and artemisia; its heart notes are jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, rose taif, blackcurrant bud, clove buds, and geranium; while its base notes are pink pepper, guaiacwood, cypriol, aoud, patchouli, oakmoss, cumin, cistus, benzoin, incense, labdanum, musk, and civet.
There are many treatments and procedures associated with wart removal like: salicylic acid placebo podophyllin resin paint benzoin aloes isopropyl alcohol imiquimod dinitrochlorobenzene bleomycin cantharidin cryosurgery or cryotherapy electrodesiccation medication cimetidine
The bouA[degrees]quet is completed with cistus labdanum, amber and benzoin.
Following delivery the epidural catheter was removed and a tincture benzoin seal was given.
The derivatizing reagents us ed for HPLC determination are ninhydrin [21], benzoin [15-19], anis oin [9], furoin [10], pyridoin [20], 9, 10-phenanthrenequinone [13] and 9,10-phenanthrenequinone-3-s ulfonate [14].
Giorgio Armani's Myrrhe Imperiale eau de parfum fuses two precious, natural ingredients, myrrh and benzoin in a captivating combination.