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He shook wildly, desperate to extinguish the flames; tiny missiles of burning benzine launched from his hands and streaked across the room.
Des sources gouvernementales de haut niveau ont declare que le Premier Ministre Hecham Qandil avait commence la realisation d'un projet graduel pour la levee de la subvention de l'essence, a commencer par l'octane 92, en passant par la benzine 80 et le gazole, a-t-on souligne dans la presse locale.
With the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) current proposed regulations expected to be adopted later this year, oil and gas companies across the country will be under tighter pressure to reduce their volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, including benzine and methane.
There are currently 36 ambulances that are not running because there is not enough benzine.
com/2012/09/12/tiff-12-acts-ol-love-as-garbus-takes-on-monroe Interview by Adam Benzine, 1.
they soaked the pillows of my bed in kerosene and benzine and set fire to them, they did the same in all the rooms and on both balconies.
We know that even in the middle of the last century oil shale chemists were convinced that the essence of thermal decomposition of oil shale organic matter (kerogen) is a gradual thermolysis, during which benzine fraction forms only at heavy oil cracking.
70 shekels - and I need to pay rent for the car and buy benzine (car fuel) from that money.
The oil, which includes toxic components such as benzine, could cause genetic problems for marine life even at low concentrations, Murawski said.
An agreement signed five years ago between Ethiopian Petroleum Enterprise, a state owned and sole importer of fuel, and Sudan Petrolatum, now Ethiopia's sole benzine supplier, was to expire this year.
This amount was added with 50 ml of 1/500 normal DBA petroleum benzine solution and left to stand at 20[degrees]C for two hours.
As petroleum is cheaper in Syria than Turkey, some of the taxis carry passengers only to buy cheap benzine," Milliyet correspondent said.
The simulation of reaching the limits of adhesion was conducted at varying speeds on dry contact surfaces which consequently were degreased with benzine and the limits of adhesion were tested again at the same speeds as before.
The report states there is contamination from materials such as asbestos, cyanide, phenol benzine and naphthalene.