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  • verb

Synonyms for benumb

to render less sensitive

to dull the senses, as with a heavy blow, a shock, or fatigue

to render helpless, as by emotion

Synonyms for benumb

make numb or insensitive

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How many jobs do we offer that fulfill and actualize people, as opposed to ones that demean and benumb them?
His description of the inner life of the Christian is rich in powerful physical imagery; he feels "a clogging and a heat at my breast-bone as if my bowels would have burst out" and states that a preacher's call to abandon the sin of idle pastimes "did benumb the sinews of my best delights.
While the 'collective responsibility' of the Cabinet members that enjoins them to 'swim or sink together' is to be respected, it doesn't benumb the conscience of an individual, render him/her incapable of free thinking or compel one to endorse any stuff unethical.
Gaspar strolled quietly in a dim-lighted hall filled with a silent anticipating audience, as he recited poetry in French, which was re-echoed in Arabic by his son FranE*ois, to benumb the audience into bewilderment while gazing at the visual elements of the performance.
The alcoholic benumbs his reason, weakens his will, and emboldens him to do acts of violence like fights and even murder or commits acts of lasciviousness or rape.
We Nine times folded in mystery; must see that the world is rough Though baffled seers cannot and surly, and will not mind impart drowning a man or a woman, but The secret of its laboring swallows your ship like a grain heart, of persons, tingles your blood, Throb thine with Nature's benumbs your feet, freezes a man throbbing like an apple.