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Synonyms for benthos

a region including the bottom of the sea and the littoral zones

organisms (plants and animals) that live at or near the bottom of a sea

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The bottom-dwelling invertebrates, known as benthos, are excellent indicators of aquatic condition because they are highly sensitive to ecosystem stresses.
They and their physical medium are known as the benthos.
Key words: benthic-pelagic links; benthos; body size distribution; fish bioenergetics; Micropterous; normalized size spectra; predation, size selective; predator-prey.
Zooplankton, benthos, and forage fish are each represented by single species: zooplankton by small to medium-sized Daphnia, benthos by chironomid larvae, and forage fish by YOY white perch.
Since the end of the last century, successive expeditions have provided information on the main characteristics of antarctic marine benthos, such as the low diversity of higher taxa, the high degree of endemism, gigantism, or particular developmental types (Dell 1972; Picken 1980; White 1984; Dayton 1990; Gutt 1991; Arntz et al.
(2) Living organisms die and end up in the detrital food chain, which is utilized by the benthos. Pollutants are usually tightly coupled to organic matrices, therefore benthos have great exposure through their niche (food) and habitat (living spaces) to pollutants.
Some surveys emphasized the benthos of fishery-productive Georges Bank (Theroux and Grosslein, 1987), while others emphasized selected areas or taxa (Wigley et al., 1975).
The Marine Benthos Program on Voyage 5 (BRAD) 1996/97 by Research Survey Vessel Aurora Australis aimed to quantify the abundance and diversity of benthic macroinvertebrates on different sediment types in four areas of Prydz Bay (Bardsley 1997).
Benthos refers to the community of organisms that live on, or in, the bottom of a water body and are generally classified according to size.
These individuals would have recruited months earlier to the benthos, prior to the full impact in the region of the developing 2015-16 El Nino.
Macrofauna was sorted, identified to the lowest possible level, counted, and weighed in the Benthos Laboratory (Instituto Nacional de Investigacion y Desarrollo Pesquero).
The superfamily Lysianassoidea Dana, 1849 is a very abundant and diverse taxon of amphipod crustaceans in almost every habitat of the marine benthos. They occur from the intertidal zone to the deep sea, and they are hugely important in low-latitude environments (Lowry & Stoddart, 2002, 2009, 2010, 2012; Senna & Souza-Filho, 2010).