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in a benign manner


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"Hello!" said Harvey, looking down upon them benignly from the wharf.
Then he would shake his head benignly, and over the ever-clicking rosary point out how free that elephant-calf was from the sin of pride.
Turveydrop benignly to his son, "do you know the hour?"
set up a Just Giving Fund Me page, as whilst I feel that some of the people delayed by their actions just smiled benignly and thought another Care in the Community calamity, the vast majority would contribute to purchasing travel warrants/tickets so that these eco-warriors could jet off, no sorry too big a footprint, could go on a journey to go fishing in really big waters for the really big fish in Asia where the greatest damage is being done.
Perhaps that is why they are generally viewed more benignly, for as a rule they take the not-sonice wee rodents rather than the "nice" wee birds.
"While benignly designated as a proclamation,' the said issuance imposed restrictions on fundamental rightsan area reserved by the Constitution to Congress.
Bagpuss benignly watches as Professor Yaffleand the mice get excited over a new find
Fearing some form of resistance, they pushed the great length of him on to their feet, where he lay completely benignly and quite unruffled for the remainder of the journey.
I'm sorry, but Mr Angry becomes Mr Very Angry on a daily basis now, while Carol smiles benignly from my television.
Third, fourth and any number of other parties will emerge to affect this equation, benignly as well as malevolently.
Nature may be red in tooth and claw, but in Wajdi Mouawad's outstanding novel, Anima, it's humans who are claw-deep in red and animals who benignly observe.
With less clout numerically Plaid has decided to go into opposition This party has assumed the name with the electorate as the Party of Wails Plaid are fortunate that Wales has a First Minister who smiles so benignly on all people Plaid certainly do not deserve such an act kindness Especially when you remember Plaid's efforts to obstruct Carwyn Jones's re election as FM in the Senedd in 2016 Plaid didn't have the support of the public to appoint Leanne Wood to such a position Roy Woolmans Llandudno Junction
The New York Times comedy critic Jason Zinoman has described that appeal as a "benignly neurotic skepticism that merges Jewish cadence with WASP restraint." But watching Netflix's Jerry Before Seinfeld, the first stand-up special in twenty years from the highest paid comedian in the universe ($69 million last year), I began to wonder if there was anything at all Jewish in Seinfeld besides the cadence.
It's an eerie place - grass has grown up from the graves where countless bodies were discovered, birds twitter benignly in the trees, and butterflies flit between marked with blunt signs: Here, 166 headless bodies were buried; 100 children were killed (their clothes still lie in a dusty in a nearby building).