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in a benign manner


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That's what I say,' retorted the collector, patting him benignantly on the side of the head with his umbrella; 'just what I say.
The guard stopped and pulled away at his cheroot, regarding Tom benignantly the while.
He puts the rudest remarks Sir Percival can make on his effeminate tastes and amusements quietly away from him in that manner--always calling the baronet by his Christian name, smiling at him with the calmest superiority, patting him on the shoulder, and bearing with him benignantly, as a good-humoured father bears with a wayward son.
And you,' benignantly returned the Father of the Marshalsea.
Dismissed with those pleasing words, the old man took his broad hat and staff, and left the great presence: more as if he were some superior creature benignantly blessing Mr Fledgeby, than the poor dependent on whom he set his foot.
He panted for breath, and looked benignantly round upon his friends.