benefit of clergy

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sanction by a religious rite

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The authorities, reeling from the Revolution of 1905 that had been pacified only three years before, and now contending with an expanded public sphere and an elected parliament, did their best to control the reactions to Tolstoy's final days, as well as to his unconventional funeral, which was conducted without benefit of clergy but at the center of media attention.
The generally accepted way of proving one's entitlement to benefit of clergy was by demonstrating an ability to read, since reading was pretty well restricted to those with a theological background.
Actually, the two entities merged a year prior to GLB passage in 1998 without, in essence, benefit of clergy.
Marriage is a civil union without benefit of clergy or religious definition.
Many heterosexual couples marry in civil ceremonies without benefit of clergy, and many churches do not accept these unions as ``true'' marriages.
Several independent financial advisers sent me leaflets outlining the various questions that couples should consider when living together either with or without benefit of clergy.
In an age when heretical illuminist sects--notably the alumbrados--promoted the notion that a person could achieve spiritual enlightenment outside the church, without the benefit of clergy, and Lutherans taught that Scripture communicated the divine will without the mediation of Rome, Teresa's spirituality seemed to border dangerously on the heterodox.
One might expect more, because women were not allowed to claim the benefit of clergy.