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Synonyms for benefit

social security payments


profit from


  • profit from
  • make the most of
  • gain from
  • do well out of
  • reap benefits from
  • turn to your advantage



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Synonyms for benefit

something beneficial

something that contributes to or increases one's well-being

the quality of being suitable or adaptable to an end

to be an advantage to

to derive advantage

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Synonyms for benefit

something that aids or promotes well-being

a performance to raise money for a charitable cause

be beneficial for


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One advantage of having a spousal option is that a wife at full retirement age can take her benefit. Her husband can then apply for a spousal benefit and receive half of her benefit as long as he is also at full retirement age.
Tax Facts Online can assist in explaining the potentially complicated tax treatment of these Social Security benefits. Tax Facts Online Question 442 explains that Social Security benefits are often--but not always--taxable.
"As employers look to manage overall health and welfare benefit costs, group disability is one benefit that's not used by the masses, so it's an area where employers could look to scale back the overall benefit to minimize costs.
The public benefit concept gives new strength to the Charities Commission for England and Wales, the independent charities regulator, but could be troublesome in the relations between the commission and the charitable sector.
At-risk plans must assume employees eligible to retire in the next 10 years will retire as early as possible, and that employees will leave an organization at the time when the present value of their benefits are at their highest.
Developers and owners should pay particular attention to these programs, because some of the benefits can be utilized by the tenant and, as such, can be used as an inducement to bring tenants to the property.
Governmental entities will start accruing post-employment benefits other than pensions (OPEB) over the next several years--a major change that, for some, will result in massive financial liabilities.
For example, while the IRS, has not provided a dollar threshold for meeting the de minimis requirement, Field Service Advice 200219005 indicates that the smaller in value and less frequently a particular benefit is provided, the more likely it will qualify as de minimis.
It is important to note the image of lawyers as opportunists contriving to bilk disabled veterans and their survivors out of their meager government benefits is insulting and demeans those who are drawn to the law as a noble calling.
For help, the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center offers a centralized place to find resources to enhance firms' audit performance.
"I believe that long-term balance for Social Security can be achieved through modest revenue and benefit adjustments that will begin to reduce the deficit within the next 10 years," she adds.
They are entitlements with guaranteed benefits to everyone who is eligible, regardless of income or circumstances.
"What happens is that people tend not to look after their health until it is an emergency situation, and because it is acute care and not preventative care, the benefit program takes a hard hit," says Pineault.
Following approval by the governing Council at its fall 2003 meeting, the Institute has moved ahead with creating three new audit quality centers focusing on areas of critical importance to the public interest: public companies, employee benefit plans and governmental entities.
And many--if not most--of the purported benefits are not quantifiable.