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process (ores or other raw materials), as by reduction

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Unimin and Unimin Specialty Minerals process, beneficiate, and size nepheline syenite, silica, feldspar, microcrystalline silica, and kaolin to produce functional fillers and extenders.
Total redundant flows can be beneficiate by a new working module, transportation module, specially introduced for increasing flow reliability.
This is a very favourable mineral as it is easy to beneficiate by means of the flotation process.
A report obtained by Sudan Tribune Correspondent in Rumbek from UN sources indicates there are some 14,714 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the capital of the Lakes state beneficiate from food distribution.
Approaching the analysis and the modelling process based on the impedance concept allows to beneficiate in non-electrical systems of the advantages offered by the systemic equivalences that are specific for electrical circuits.
The separation and processing unit will be used to beneficiate fly ash produced by Units 5 and 6 of the Yeongheung Power Station, which are currently under construction and are scheduled for completion by December 2014.
By the end of July 2017, management estimate that up to 30 personnel will be working at the site to mine coal and construct the wash plant which will beneficiate the coal.
The significance of this ore is to avoid the initial outlay for a flotation beneficiation plant, which will eventually be required to beneficiate the global resource at Barrow Creek 1.
D-Imager users can now beneficiate from a complementary copy of the Omek Beckon Development Suite, enabling easy development of "gesture-based" applications for creative agencies.
Chairman of Golden Concord Group Limited, Mr Gongshan Zhu, said, "We recognise that Linc Energy is the world leader in UCG with proven technology and technical capability to beneficiate coal resources via its UCG process and produce value added clean diesel and aviation fuels via GTL processing.
Oxidation has both enriched the vanadium values and rendered the limestone-clay mix into a soft, friable material which is easy to mine and beneficiate.
Its core mission is to beneficiate Namibian diamonds through foreign investment, job creation, skill transfer and value addition.
Unimin and Unimin Specialty Minerals process, beneficiate and size nepheline syenite, silica, feldspar and microcrystalline silica to produce flmctional fillers and extenders.