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doing good

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the quality of being kind or helpful or generous

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In our case, documentation may have resulted in beneficence without infringing on autonomy.
Your army is surrendering in record numbers and are taking advantage of the beneficence of the government, the government you so detest you want to bring it down violently.'
This not only benefits them but also the organization they work for resulting in mutual beneficence.
They relate to Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, Rome, Greece, early Christianity, the European Middle Ages, Islam, early modern Europe, and the 19th through the 21st centuries, and themes like concepts of health, the causes and cure of disease, medical ethics, theodicy, beneficence, religious healing, consolation, and death and dying.
With a legacy of 30 years of excellence in Medical Publishing we are endorsed by various societies like International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences, International Society of Addiction Medicine, European Biotechnology Thematic Network Association, World Federation of Paediatrics Intensive and Critical Care Societies, World Association of Medical Sciences, International Society for Ceramics in Medicine, Thalassaemia International Federation and World Association of Integrated Medicine to nurture the research and development for the beneficence of society.
The Prime Minister termed Pakistan as the beneficence of Allama Iqbal, who dreamt for the establishment of this land.
Further, he highlighted Kuwait's incessant support of the needy and hapless, saying that "Kuwait is accustomed to such benevolence, given the country's illustrious history of beneficence." (end) asm.nam
legally allowed serum drug screening even without a specific informed consent," and (b) that, in feeling forced into "choosing between the patient's autonomy and maximizing his well-being," the latter (their "beneficence" duty) outweighed the former (their "respect for autonomy" duty).
In simple words, this imposition violates the standards of justice, beneficence, and nonmaleficence as it treats publicly insured women differently from privately insured women.
Had the residents of Cumbria, Lancashire, and Yorkshire been content to rely on the beneficence of God, they wouldn't have known the storm was bearing down upon them until they felt the first rainfall on their faces.
"Thalians beneficence has allowed us to build and integrate mental health services into the original parts of Operation Mend, which was surgery.
However, renaming is not a solution to colonialism--it can be a tool employed by settler governments to demonstrate their beneficence while continuing to deny communities land rights.'
It is proposed that, in line with moral-cosmopolitan theorists, affluent nations have an obligation, founded in justice and not merely altruism or beneficence, to share the responsibility of the burden of public health implementation in low-income contexts.
This article hopes to illustrate these challenges using the ethical model which consists of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice [sup][8] to allow clinicians to inform the decision of using placebos for the treatment of MDD in patients.
During our medical school days, we were given innumerable classes on medical ethics, patient beneficence and autonomy.