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exerting a favorable or beneficent influence

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All of the participants in the BENEFIC trial underwent brain PET scanning for both glucose and ketone uptake.
Farmers are part of the group of works exposed to noise and defensive farming products [4] that, due to lack of information and guidance about the risk of the defensive products to health, may overestimate the benefic effects of these products in plantation and disregard the detriments to health in short, medium and long term [5,6].
Law 1712 was designed to benefic civil society, independent of its socio-economic conditions.
The involvement of these new approaches, but especially taking into consideration the entire eco-bioeconomy and health idea in "One Health" concept is multiple supposing deep concept transformations is thinking and approaching all human activities, with benefic effects over the surrounding environment and planet's health considered in the biosphere ensemble and of all living creatures, including man..
At this time, Warf's Uganda series, for the first time investigated the benefic effect of ETV associated to CPC, again arousing interest in this technique.
A doctor can use a benefic fraud in relation with his "client".
Tacrolimus and pimecrolimus are representative for the topical calcineurin inhibitors, and they have benefic effects compared to the standard therapy.
Therefore, the BFT technology in aquaculture can be environmentally benefic by producing cleaner effluents, especially less ammonia.
to assess the presence or were visual (63%) and (2012) (2) not of nine criteria hearing (54%) considered suggestive of hallucinations and non-pathological "perception of spirit" anomalous experiences (53%) For most of (AEs) mediums, AE did not bring sociooccupational losses, were brief, episodic and benefic; but 59.2% related them with emotional distress and 54.8% did not present control over experiences Alminhana Comparison between Individuals with AE et al.
Extended photoperiod has a benefic impact on growth rate and differential gene expression compared to those reared under natural photoperiod.
The general concept of trans fatty acids refers to a nonbeneficial effects on human health with blood lipid effects, inhibition of hepatic enzymes, challenge on fluidity of cell membrane, and arteriogenic potential, with exception of the endogenous precursor of CLA, the CLA and its isomers which have benefic effects related to immunoestimulating, antimutagenesis, and antioxidant activities (Ip, 1997).
Given the fact that cognitive style was related to math performance in pre-test and that this relation disappeared in post-test when it's controlled by the co-variable, it is possible to assume that the benefic effect of cooperative learning was equivalent for all three style groups.
Among physiological parameters with a benefic potential in endurance sports performance, the maximum oxygen consumption (V[O.sub.2]max) has long been presented as decisive.