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exerting a favorable or beneficent influence

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A benefic effect over the future outputs of the municipal bonds shall also have the cash on the market and the presence of the non-residential interested in more various investment instruments (Grecu, 2008).
fascicuiata of inducing SOD activity could be explained by the low concentration of isoquercitrin present in the extract or by the negative synergism among the other compounds present in the extract thus interfering with the benefic action of isoquercitrin (Liu 2004).
The model is opened for others implementations areas and the mathematical approach is benefic for the automatic calculus.
The follow-up analysis was benefic ial toward developing an intervention to reduce the aggression of an 8-year-old boy with autism.
For hand positions in which the lift force can play an important role (Figures 5, 6 and 7) the abduction of the thumb may be benefic for swimmers.
David Chamandy, co-founder, Lavalife; - John Bromley, Benefic Group; - Jean-Sebastien Cournoyer, entrepreneur-in-residence, Vantage Point Venture Partners; - Ron Dembo, founder, Zerofootprint.
The music service has proven enormously successful in bringing together people from across the county from a wide range of social and economic backgrounds to the benefic of all concerned.
He then downplays the prejudice against towns, "as if that terrific or benefic force [nature] did not find us there also, and fashion cities" (CW 3:175).
Along with the good incentives to curb wasteful over-utilization, however, are bundled perverse incentives to deny benefic ial but costly services and to shun the sickest patients (risk selection).
In reality, however, without a well-designed curriculum in which the computer is integrated, the effect will be minimal, or is as likely to be detrimental as benefic ial.
The maidenliest star would have been the planet Venus, the lesser benefic.
We recognize it as an embodiment of our desire to establish ever more mutually benefic linkages between the Indian and UK corporate community.
Rochberg considers a justification for the traditional ordering of the planets based on assigned benefic or malefic properties rather than cosmological or astronomical precedents (chapter six).
The context in which the two were introduced, namely measuring the frequency of the two mentioned above, is not a common one, but benefic to illustrate the concerns that have emerged in contemporaneity.
Another tendency in the cultural marketing is the formation of museum clusters, which on the one hand is benefic to the city by increasing its visibility regarding tourism and by becoming a source of new employment possibility and, on the other, hand offer several advantages: greater visibility, increased diversity, intertwining of diverse functions and shared infrastructure.