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a horizontal beam used to prevent two other structural members from spreading apart or separating


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The fatigue life of the asphalt mixtures is evaluated by the 4-point bending beam test under AASHTO-T321 standard specifications.
For this purpose, a notched disk with cracking mode I similar to the three-point bending beam was selected and modeled in ABAQUS software and calibrated parameters from three-point bending beam with small size were used in the FE modeling of the disk.
The sample had the following test results: Superpave[R] PG 64-28 with a high temperature grade of 67.3 [DELTA][T.sub.critical] on the bending beam rheometer was 6.7 degrees Celsius.
--the developed method involving implementation of PBS segments into bending beams allows for obtaining solutions for piezoelectric converters:
Tests according to Fraass and Bending Beam Rheometer methods do not provide complete answer regarding the low temperature properties, in particular the boundary temperature between viscoelastic and elastic stages.
Three-point bending beam method was employed to measure the flexural toughness of steel fiber reinforced high performance concrete containing nano-Si[O.sub.2] particles and fly ash in this study.
The effective crack length of the three-point bending beam specimen is generally used to calculate [K.sup.ini.sub.IC] and [K.sup.un.sub.IC] and the effective crack length can be calculated as follows [24]:
The maximal bending moment is calculated using bending beam formulas of material strength (Rajput 2007).
This equipment includes the dynamic shear rheometer (DSR) and bending beam rheometer (BBR).
Torque wrenches come in four styles: clicker style, bending beam, dual beam and digital.
A stress-tracking instrument was designed according to the bending beam method of Nakamura (11) and the bimaterial strips method reported by Soane (12).
According to the Chinese specification named Standard Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixtures for Highway Engineering (T07392011) [27], the four-point bending beam fatigue tests based on the universal testing machine (UTM) were selected to evaluate the fatigue performance of the asphalt mortar and asphalt mixture.
With the increase of [V.sub.f], compression zone plastic hinge is formed like one in simple bending beam. Besides, fibre volume has significant influence on the height of compression zone.
An Applied Test Systems bending beam rheometer (BBR) was used to measure creep stiffness and m-value (logarithmic creep rate) of rubber modified binders and the control samples at -12 [degrees] C and at -18 [degrees] C.