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Synonyms for bender

Synonyms for bender

a tool for bending

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revelry in drinking

a pitch of a baseball that is thrown with spin so that its path curves as it approaches the batter

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When we talked about what her wishes were, he had no idea,'' Bender said.
Bender's goal should have put Borussia on course for victory, but they were punished for not taking their chances when Bender scored at the wrong end trying to clear Andre Hahn's cross.
Bender was booted in the nose during the Champions League clash and continued to play on, though his shirt kept getting covered in blood.
Bender told The Forward, the main Jewish weekly newspaper in the United States, that he believes his Jewish faith can only help him do the job effectively.
Having sold Andre Schurrle to Chelsea and Dani Carvajal to Real Madrid, Leverkusen were under no pressure to cash-in on Bender and immediately (http://www.
that Bender appropriated from broadcast television and juxtaposed with abstract computer-generated forms made by her friend the New York--based artist Amber Denker.
F Bender managing director Andy Cunliffe said: "We have been working with Flo, Nupik and Dopla for a number of years and are very comfortable with their strategy and business values; additionally we have received real commitments to support the continued growth and development of the business.
NEW YORK -- Perhaps the one thing that John Bender, 46, hasn't be able to accomplish yet in his professional life is shaving the head of his boss, Scott A.
Coming in to the straight, Metal Bender was being scrubbed along in midfield by Kerrin McEvoy (right) behind the long-time leader Sir Time Keeper and did not look a likely winner.
Bender MedSystems' novel bead based multiplexing technology and products, marketed and sold under the FlowCytomix(TM) brand, allow researchers to analyze simultaneously up to 20 proteins in a single reaction.
Swift maintains a biographer's eye on Bender's hard scrabble childhood in Minnesota, the poverty, the lack of options--and his fierce and unqualified love of athletics, his remarkable speed, his hunter's eye (a favorite axiom of scouts who watched him, itself a measure of the sort of racism Bender would confront), his singular strength.
Morton Bender, a white shareholder who now owns 21% of the historically black institution, has received authority to acquire as much as 51%.
So Barry Bender surely is not the only CPA who has two masters degrees, one in music and one in accounting.
Matthew Bender (Charlottesville, VA) has begun the publication of "Bender's California Labor & Employment Bulletin," a monthly newsletter that summarizes legislative, judicial and regulatory developments in California employment law.
website] The Tactful Teacher: Effective Communication with Parents, Colleagues, and Administrators, by Yvonne Bender.