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Synonyms for bender

Synonyms for bender

a tool for bending

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revelry in drinking

a pitch of a baseball that is thrown with spin so that its path curves as it approaches the batter

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Ida Silver is one," Bender said of Hodges' straightforward yet caring next-door neighbor, played by Holland Taylor.
But before that challenge, which saw her moving from a studio to an indie and culminated in a 45-year career that is still going strong, Bender went through a dramatic, if short, interlude as a sales executive at Harmony Gold, which was in the midst of international intrigue and court action.
And of all of those who excelled at the ballpark and at the traps, it was Chief Bender who--by combining his baseball talents with his shooting skills--substantiated most convincingly the claim that because both sports are complementary, success in one contributed to success in the other.
Bender is to assume his new role over the course of October and Wohrmann as of 1 December 2015 when they will take on rersponsibility for Deutsche Bank's more than eight million private, commercial and corporate clients in Germany.
Bender will be responsible for developing and managing ING's portfolio of U.
Leverkusen are able to sell Bender this summer as they have cover themselves in the shape of Christoph Kramer.
Too often, help is not sought until after a crisis -- a fall, a car accident, a trip to the hospital, according to Bender.
Fifa rules say a player cannot continue to wear a shirt that is blood stained, so Bender kept having to change his top every time his broken nose leaked.
Bender told The Forward, the main Jewish weekly newspaper in the United States, that he believes his Jewish faith can only help him do the job effectively.
Desde la creacion del Test Gestaltico Visomotor de Bender (TGB--Bender, 1938, 1946) se han propuesto diferentes sistemas de calificacion y cambios estructurales para intentar mejorar su funcion diagnostica (Merino, 2011a), lo cual ha motivado que diversos investigadores realicen estudios sobre su validez y confiabilidad.
Lauretta Bender, a psychiatrist, was intrigued by Wertheimer's studies and wanted to see how psychiatric patients would experience these designs.
Seeing video art as "ghettoized [by] the eighties art world," Gretchen Bender (1951-2004) described herself not as a video artist, but as a visual artist working with television as her material.
Wrexham-based F Bender - known as Benders - has been bought by Flo, Nupik and Dopla, based predominately in the south of Europe.
Chuck and Julie Bender of Creswell celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a reception at Northern Lights Christmas Tree Farm in Pleasant Hill.