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Synonyms for bendable

capable of being bent or flexed or twisted without breaking

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bendable feature, the release date will be pushed back if unresolved.
Well, experts argue that stretchable, bendable and foldable displays have not yet seenthe light of day, not just because of their complex manufacturing process, but also because companies that produce the same don't have enough volumes to cater to the market.
Yu said the bendable phone is based on e-ink, which is also used in Amazon.
BuddyPhones are also sturdy, yet comfortable, using a durable, bendable headband design that protects against playtime wear-and-tear.
Commercialisation based on two papers the group published that year - one on bendable electronics and another on a camera modelled on the human eye - was on the agenda.
The bendable capacitance probe is designed to fit in tight spaces or in vessels Nwhere obstructions prevent the installation of a straight probe.
The bendable chews can also be put on a necklace or key chain and make excellent finger fidgets.
Shop inventory consists of brake pads and rotors, oil filters, air filters, Cherry Bomb Exhaust and bendable exhaust pipe.
LG unveiled a 77-inch flexible OLED TV at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show on Monday, in tandem with competitor Samsung's own buzzworthy bendable TV announcement.
8 ( ANI ): Those troubled with the long and often tangled charger cables can now heave a sigh of relief with an innovative charger cable that is shortened, bendable stub and can double as phone stand.
Curved screens -- said lighter and thinner than current display panels -- are at a nascent stage in display technology, which is shifting towards flexible panels that are bendable or can even be rolled or folded"
Samsung says it's no stretch Samsung Electronics will unveil a smartphone in South Korea next month that features a curved display, the first step in producing bendable devices that can stretch.
Senator Big Teeth crying for a bendable straw on the field of battle.
Comfort Plus saliva ejectors are meant to be bendable, yet firmly hold the shape you create, Crosstex says.
The BoxSet Dollhouse includes two bendable dolls; a bedroom set with bed, piano and piano stool; staircase; and balcony.