bend sinister

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a mark of bastardy

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Finnigan's Wake in Pale Fire, Winnipeg Lake in Bend Sinister
The novel is set in an illusory Central European country whose inhabitants speak both German and Russian, and a moment later an amalgamation of the two, making Bend Sinister less accessible to the common reader than many of Nabokov's other books; yet the occasional snatches of a foreign tongue are still a far cry from the weirdly looping sentences of Finnegans Wake.
36) In Bend Sinister Nabokov makes a deliberate and very successful attempt at reproducing Joyce's idioglossia, more precisely, the well-known river speech of the novel: "Lithe, lithping, thin-lipped Ophelia, Amleth's wet dream, a mermaid of Lethe" (114).
Three new volumes are devoted to Vladimir Nabakov: Novels and Memoirs 1941-1951 (which includes The Real Life of Sebastian Knight, Bend Sinister, and Speak Memory, 710 pages, $35.
Imperial Wax Solvent, the band's squillionth album release, continues their knack for albumtitles that sound like they've been created by pulling disparate words out of a drunkard's hat - see Bend Sinister and Hex Enduction Hour for other such odd examples.