bend over backwards

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Synonyms for bend over backwards

try very hard to please someone

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When customers end up in financial strife for no fault of their own, bosses must bend over backwards to help.
The council cannot help their tax paying hard-working local tradespeople but it seems they will bend over backwards for major phone companies.
Mike would bend over backwards to do anything for you and never take a dime for it,'' Coffman said.
We will do everything we can to take care of those recruits," Castro said, "and the hotels bend over backwards to accommodate them.
The irony is that we, as a nation, bend over backwards to ensure our children are aware of other religions' holy days, yet whenever we have occasion to celebrate, we are the ones in the dock.
There is just such an interest in our being here says Pancho Villa producer Tony Mark "They are prepared to bend over backwards for us.
That a group of men who have bent over backwards to justify sexism might bend over backwards to justify covering up pedophilia is not so surprising to women who have been victims of discrimination in parishes, dioceses, and Catholic schools.