bend over backwards

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Synonyms for bend over backwards

try very hard to please someone

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While saddened at the demise of Pope John Paul II, pictured, I am nevertheless frustrated at the way in which our country once again has had to bend over backwards. Our official state religion is Church of England.
"We will do everything we can to take care of those recruits," Castro said, "and the hotels bend over backwards to accommodate them."
"There is just such an interest in our being here says Pancho Villa producer Tony Mark "They are prepared to bend over backwards for us.
In almost every other debate, the media bend over backwards to present a balanced view.
They bend over backwards to prove that they're not liberal." Backwards indeed.
Remember, warns Kaufman, while some players may bend over backwards to be fair in a friendly game, don't be surprised to see those players change when the result of a match matters.