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Oh no, not really," the Telegraph quoted the bemused Queen as saying.
The Vatican newspaper has declared that The Simpson's are Catholic, a claim that has left the show's producer bemused.
Antony Withers, executive for banking at Mauritius Commercial Bank, said that the move has left him bemused.
He said I had handled the ball but I'm a bit bemused by that.
Bemused revellers in the VIP area watched as the star ran into the car, protected from the rain by a security guard holding an umbrella.
Twins Michael (who directed and co-scripted) and Mark (also wrote, and plays a bemused FBI agent in the picture) have been responsible for such very odd, very indie efforts as "Northfork" and "Twin Falls, Idaho.
Bemused villagers discovered a gang of workers from Cardiff was installing a sewer near the rail station.
When you teach, you learn--the rule of my life," he offers, and a bemused smile brightens his round face.
I was, however, bemused to hear that I have an "anti-market instinct"--must come from a gene I inherited from my mother.
From a distance, it looked like a building that had slowly sunk in the Venetian mire, its roof the only reminder of its presence, yet among the conspicuous gee-whizzery of some this year's pavilion offerings the effect was of dignified sobriety and contemplative reflection, a particular balm to the souls of bemused visitors and frazzled journalists on hectic press schedules.
As bemused celebs Leo Ihenacho and Brendan Cole looked on, the stroppy sex-kitten yelled: "I'm really frustrated.
Fandell's approach is modest, even bemused, in comparison, but conveys a similar sense of awe.
As the Durham North-West MP launched a petition attacking George Galloway's antics in the Celebrity Big Brother house yesterday, she described herself as bemused by his actions.
Lethem's vocabulary is astonishing and his reading of his essays that wryly describe himself as a teenager is bemused.
The recently issued Windsor Report is an interesting document; probably the most important statement in it is found in the foreword by Robin Eames, chairman of the Lambeth Commission: "During its work the Lambeth Commission has recognized within the Anglican Communion a large constituency of faithful members who are bemused and bewildered by the intensity of the opposing views on issues of sexuality .