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Synonyms for bemoan

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The most disappointing and puzzling aspect of the article, however, is that while Ms Jardine bemoans the lack of role models in education for these cultural groups (which her figures quote as making up 3% of our population), she ignores the most obvious imbalance imaginable in a group where more role models would have a direct impact upon standards that are currently woefully short.
Caton, however, bemoans the fact that recent medical historians have "ignored scientific and medical ideas that shaped practice," (p.
6), Dan Oswald of Lawrence Ragan Communications bemoans the company's difficulties in hiring and retaining editors.
Just as some of the art bemoans the state of society, many of the critics have used the occasion of the Biennial to bemoan the state of art, as they did with the Carnegie International.
Ravi Chellam, a scientist and research coordinator with the Wildlife Institute of India in Dehra Dun, bemoans the World Bank's self-imposed and disingenuous role as a green superhero.
When a fellow left-leaning journalist bemoans all those hungry Third World mouths, Hertsgaard responds: "A baby born in the United States creates thirteen times as much environmental damage over the course of its lifetime as a baby born in Brazil, and thirty-five times as much as an Indian baby.
In Part 1 a wealthy white woman named Claire bemoans at length how grotesque the world has become now that so many people spit on the sidewalk.
Nudds bemoans the tendency to assume that a disease which kills many animals necessarily holds the population in check.
Hook bemoans that many think of breast cancer as affecting only older women, and that it is often assumed that if diagnosed early enough, it is treatable.
He bemoans the lot of the sub-continental workers making cheap clothing.
Yet they, and Bush's subsequent tax cuts, have been primarily responsible for the deficit that Greenspan now so piously bemoans. My guess is that he was motivated on the tax cuts not so much by political loyalty as by a desire to be reappointed by Bush, the same reason he supported the very opposite program, Clinton's deficit reduction in 1993.
YOUR leader bemoans the ``scandalous Tunnels Act nodded through by Parliament despite enormous local opposition'' (Daily Post, January 28).
The UNFPA report also bemoans the fact that half a million women from poor nations die each year in childbirth and that many thousands, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, are dying of AIDS.
Sir - In 'The Wednesday Essay' (October 13) Tryst Williams bemoans the fact that maternity pay of six months 'effectively means that women are lumbered with child care, like it or not'.
H Ellison bemoans the lack of a spread of Derby runners