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Synonyms for bemoan

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So one man who won't be bemoaning his luck is someone who knows George Best intimately.
In one that forms part of the installation Dull Roar (all works 2005), Rakowitz re-sites the falling Pruitt-Igoe to the center field of an arena, referencing the crowd bemoaning the Cardinals' loss at Busch Stadium at the moment that the housing project came down.
Martin Luther King Jr met with his followers, Harry Belafonte among them, who were bemoaning the appointment.
As you're bemoaning your most recent zit, how can you help but compare yourself to your BFF Natalie?
So, instead of bemoaning the demise of British (or more appropriately, English) words such as 'lad', 'chap' and 'bloke', how about some thought for 'hiraeth' and 'hwyl'?
ITEM: While bemoaning the growing anti-European Union sentiment, England's Guardian newspaper reluctantly reported on June 10 that "according to the latest 1CM poll on the subject, a majority of Britons oppose the new EU constitution, which is due to be finalized later this month.
For once this season we were not left bemoaning two away points dropped.
But now we find that same magazine bemoaning the lack of ink given to Kucinich.
It wasn't long ago--2002, actually--that high-powered investors in seniors housing were bemoaning the apparent cratering of nursing homes and assisted living facilities as major capital attractions.
We would have seen them if they used any lamps or flashlights in the orchard," says one farmer from Yokohama, bemoaning the theft of about 150 kg of ripe pears worth about [yen] 185,000.
She fields questions from a stick insect whose lover is obsessed with her, a fig wasp that laments that all the males she knows bite their girlfriends in half, and a lion bemoaning the fact that his mate is a nymphomaniac.
The book of Acts does not record any complaining about it, no account of anyone bemoaning their fate.
We should be applauding the achievement rather than bemoaning the fact that an inferior entire or filly was allowed to win our sprint championship race.
The publishing story behind Arabesque was that Kensington head, Walter Zacharius, overhead two black women in a New York bookstore bemoaning the lack of romances by and about African-American women.
She does herself few favours, then, with a set of bitter songs bemoaning lost love.