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valuable source of caviar and isinglass

small northern whale that is white when adult

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The GasChem Beluga and its sister ship will both bring feedstock to the SABIC Cracker at Wilton for many years to come.
With the new planes even bigger than the existing Beluga super-transporter, Airbus has revealed it will need to invest in the runway and supporting facilities at Broughton in Flintshire.
Based on the airframe of the versatile A330 jetliner, a total of five Beluga XL airlifters are to be built, with the first to enter operational service in mid-2019.
Some of the Beluga XL's components are provided by external suppliers, including a significantly enlarged upper fuselage, a modified forward fuselage section with a lowered nose and cockpit, and a large forward cargo door allowing roll-on, roll-off loading directly onto the main deck.
Cette revue de la litterature montre que bien que les connaissances des peuples autochtones aient contribue a une comprehension nettement meilleure des belugas, il y a un manque de rigueur dans la maniere de recueillir, de documenter et d'utiliser les CET dans la litterature sur le beluga, particulierement la litterature celle axee sur la gestion.
lt;BCharacteristic bulbous head of a beluga whale seen off the coast of Northumberland
Only last week, during National Whale and Dolphin Watch, a beluga or white whale was spotted off the coast of Northern Ireland's County Antrim.
The Beluga XL is an A330 heavily modified to transport large, oversized aerostructure components from Airbus supplier facilities to the Beluga XL final assembly line in Toulouse, France.
The Airbus A300-600ST, known as the Beluga for its resemblance to the strangely shaped whale, boasts one of the biggest cargo holds of any aircraft and is one of five of its kind.
MANILA -- As far as the National Museum and animal rights activists are concerned, the Manila Ocean Park (MOP) should not be allowed to import Beluga whales for its theme park.
com)-- Beluga introduces their innovative and patent pending single edge razor called the Beluga Razor, that for the 1st time ever adds a pivoting neck to deliver a barber quality shave…minus the barber.
The humpbacked Beluga has been modified to transport large cargo, such as aircraft parts, and cargo can be loaded and unloaded through the front of the aircraft.
THEY grow up to 18ft long and weigh well over a tonne - but these beluga whales are packed in like sardines as they begin their summer migration.
While the melting trend has broader implications, the initial concern is for narwhals, and beluga and bowhead whales, which are already threatened.