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a highway that encircles an urban area so that traffic does not have to pass through the center

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The Beltway conservatives seem perversely thrilled to be presented with a politically profitable outrage, and direct-mail fundraising machines are whirring 24/7.
The absence of a true Democratic establishment is the central fact not only of the current presidential contest, but also of the last three years of Beltway politics.
In the case of the Beltway sniper, Maryland's ballistic fingerprint database was not used since it only tracks handguns, and the sniper has been using a high-powered rifle.
In August 1993, a succession of serious accidents on the Capital Beltway prompted Federal Highway Administrator Rodney Slater and Acting National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator Howard Smolkin to call for a regionwide, coordinated look at the Beltway--its problems, trouble spots, and future.
With the highly traveled Beltway as the backdrop of the groundbreaking event, Virginia Secretary of Transportation Pierce Homer and other federal, state and local leaders met today in Tysons Corner, Va.
Speaking on Wednesday at the Greater Decatur Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast, Macon County Highway Engineer Bruce Bird, gave a rundown on the beltway, the long-proposed project to connect Interstate 72 and U.
People, who knew the beltway will expand, redistributed the adjacent land plots years ago and now the State must pay huge amounts to get them back," Borisov said.
the Beltway was published, she appeared as an expert wittness before the blue-ribbon commission investigating 9/11, testifying that "there is substantial reason to believe that these masterminds [of both the '93 and 9/11 Trade Center attacks] are Iraqi intelligence agents.
Infrastructure Initiative Will Bring Needed Improvements and New Choices to Capital Beltway Drivers
Tenders are invited for I-215 Airport Connector Phase 2 SCOPE OF WORK: The work to be performed under this contract is for freeway and incidental improvements to the Southern 1-215 Bruce Woodbury Beltway from approximately Las Vegas Boulevard to Warm Springs Road and along State Route 171 (Airport Connector) from approximately Sunset Road to 1-215.
In addition to building the Sofia-Kalotina Highway (which is considered an extension of the still uncompleted Trakiya Highway linking Sofia with Burgas on the Black Sea coast), the working group will also focus on completing two vital sections of the Sofia Beltway, announced Sofia Architect Petar Dikov.
RKF is also exclusive retail leasing agent for the new 15,000-square-foot CENTRA Point Retail Center, located off the 1-215 Beltway at Durango Drive in the 300,000-square-foot CENTRA Point office park.
Morton Halperin, a Beltway veteran who's done stints both in the government and at top think tanks like the Council on Foreign Relations, will reportedly run the policy shop.
20 traffic stop for speeding near the Washington Beltway.
And while it's bad enough to be ignored by the riff-raff outside the Beltway, now Washington has been betrayed by one of its own.