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having or provided with a belt

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2006) "Thoracic Response of Belted PHMS, the Hybrid III, and THOR-NT Mid-Sized Male Surrogates in Low Speed, Frontal Crashes" Stapp Car Crash Journal 50: 191-215.
Nearly 300 lives per year would be saved if all car occupants belted up.
1 : to put a belt on or around <He belted the child into the car seat.
Also flat-top chain and belted variable-speed conveyors and variable-speed, metering, bulk-elevating conveyors from 1-80 cu-ft capacity in painted or stainless-steel finish.
Chase Rieveland, former assistant secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, who is now serving as secretary of the Washington Department of Corrections, sees the belted work crews as a "symbolic statement," designed to give the public an illusion of increased safety.