belt buckle

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the buckle used to fasten a belt

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The belt buckle featuring the Empire's double-headed Imperial eagle is one of the most fascinating pieces found during the excavation.
Reed revealed that in August the basketball player hit their seven-year-old son with a belt buckle that resulted to bruises.
Such weapons, including knuckle dusters, are banned from being imported, made sold in UK "We're not selling the belt buckle anymore.
To celebrate the launch of Tim McGraw's Silver, the country music star's latest fragrance, the Coty brand is holding a contest in which consumers can win a limited-edition belt buckle benefiting Neighbor's Keeper.
This paper presents the modeling, analysis and evaluation techniques for a Seat Belt Buckle Assembly strength.
I would always rest my bottle on my belt buckle," he said.
Items on sale included a diamond-studded gold belt buckle emblazoned with his initials and a chunky gold man-bag - large enough to carry all the cosmetics he appeared to be wearing at the launch party.
Admit it, once you get a song in your head like "Smoke On the Water," you can't help but start fingering those imaginary strings and strumming your belt buckle.
When one things of a Texan, they think of a big white guy with both a cowboy hat and belt buckle much larger than they should be--but "Asian Texans: Our Histories and Our Lives" is here to point out a forgotten set of people--the Asian Americans who also have resided there throughout history.
This worked great--until he inadvertently twisted one of the stove burner knobs with his belt buckle.
Now, the Bohlin Company is offering a stunning replica of the Red River D Belt buckle.
You'll find his initials on a big belt buckle -- one he purchased while at the University of Oklahoma -- that he always wears while playing.
Unhooking and slinging the lap belt buckle to exit your Black Hawk puts the cyclic boot cover in harm's way.
Also included was a personalized letter from local dealers stating they would visit these producers' farms to hand-deliver a limited edition pewter belt buckle with the "Superpowers of Harvesting" logo.