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Synonyms for belowground

under the level of the ground


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underneath the ground

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Measurements and data analysis: At the end of the experiment, all plants of each species were separated into belowground mass and aboveground mass, dried at 80AdegC for 48h and weighed.
Dry biomass production above and belowground was assessed using a randomised design with three replicates in each experimental area.
Additionally, we will characterize the population dynamics of these seagrass meadows, including above- and belowground seagrass biomass, shoot length and density, seasonality, and associated environmental parameters at Golfo La Perra and Corral de Mulas.
For the belowground carbon pools, the LANDFIRE dataset for Sonoma County includes over 100 land cover types, but documented carbon estimates exist for only seven of these (Pachauri and Meyer 2014).
Their published findings show that not only did fracking operations pose an above- and belowground risk to drinking water, they strongly affected both.
Readers will enjoy "going down in" this book, traversing Buck's above-and belowground worlds, right up to the story's intense climax.
Storage tank out-of-service time during API 653 inspections provides a convenient opportunity to inspect or replace belowground tank lines.
In details, the explanation of the factors that influencing the farmers' interest to implement agroforestry systems in oil palm cultivation context is involving oil palm crop as the main component, maturity of oil palm crop, market values and demand, belowground and aboveground interaction, and agricultural landscape planning and design.
To test the importance of vegetation on soil properties, we measured organic carbon, total nitrogen, and belowground biomass in two southern California salt marshes.
Table 1 compares various considerations for both aboveground and belowground TES tanks.
Designed to have approximately 40 percent allocated to open spaces, green areas, pocket parks, treelined roads and a network of linkagesinterconnected elevated walkways and belowground road networks for vehiclesit is masterfully designed to offer urban individuals a smart and connected lifestyle.
com IntelliFarms' newest hardware and software solution for the agriculture market is FieldDataManager, a comprehensive sensor-driven field monitoring system that provides real-Lime data about the belowground and aboveground soil conditions and atmospheric conditions that impact planting, irrigation, and harvesting decisions.