below the belt

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Synonyms for below the belt

disregarding the rules (from the notion of an illegal low blow in boxing)

in an unfair manner


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Yet another telling off for a punch below the belt came Arthur'sway in the eighth and as the ninth round came his fitness at super-bantamweight was beginning to be tested.
A number of blows have been thrown below the belt, the worst doubtless being thrown by Commissioner de Palacio herself, who has presented a Commission position without first referring, in accordance with procedure, to her colleague Mario Monti.
Other successes include the Below The Belt mix of fledgling Flesh For Fantasy and the manic Mother Of Mercy take on To Be A Lover.
These pins, which previously descended from a gantry above the line, now rise from the below the belt, giving easier access to the line and improved levels of hygiene.
You cannot, for example, punch someone below the belt or bite someone's ear, as Mike Tyson did to Evander Holyfield.
Aero tunnel freezers, also made from stainless steel on a modular floor, have eliminated the evaporator below the belt to offer easier access for cleaning and maintenance.
One punch below the belt comes in at 11-8, while more than one is a 9- 1 chance.
It was written, Hutson charges, "as a partisan counterpunch, aimed by Jefferson below the belt at enemies who were tormenting him more than a decade after the First Amendment was composed.
The high pitch is a fast ball just above the belt or a breaking ball at or slightly below the belt.
The company also introduced a parts conveyor with a metal detector built in below the belt that stops the conveyor if a part contains any metal.
Capturing footage from the day the band formed, BELOW THE BELT includes performance footage from the very making of the album, first studio sessions, coverage of their world tour, personal interviews, as well as a few surprises.
Asked about the personal attacks hurled at De Lima, Binay said: 'Yung iba naman below the belt.
Glasgow's Ryan Wilson is also up before the beak today, charged with grabbing Northampton scrum-half Lee Dickson below the belt.
That is not so much punching below the belt, it's taking the belt off and using it to garrotte your opponent.