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a cloth band that is worn around the waist (as on infants until the navel has healed)

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a strap around the belly of a draft animal holding the shafts of a wagon

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Inside-the-waistband holsters, the FlashBang bra holster and bellybands sell well to women at the store.
Finally, the plumage characters of both light- and dark-morph juvenile Ferruginous Hawks do not match those of the specimen (Wheeler and Clark 1995, Clark and Wheeler 2001); a hybrid Ferruginous Hawk x Swainson's Hawk juvenile, for example, would not be expected to have the dark bellyband (Fig.
The bellyband can simply be pushed upward as you sit, yet another reason one is always among my travel gear.
For example, Lightfoot said one of their bestselling holsters is the bellyband, due to its extreme versatility.
All three were wearing the well-known red silk bellyband.
They're small enough to hide anywhere around the waist in a bellyband or IWB holster--even shoulder holsters.
The U by Kotex* black logo stands out against the saturated colors and is accompanied by a black bellyband that wraps around the package, creating a ribbon, gift-like effect.
So is the armed citizen who carries a small pistol or revolver in a purpose-designed gun pouch on a T-shirt, as in Greg Kramer's defining Confidant design, or who wears the gun in a bellyband wrapped high on the body at ribcage level.
While Mg can increase the extent of corrosion at low temperatures below the bellyband area in aluminum treatment furnaces, its presence reduces the corrosion of refractory materials at high temperatures near the metal line;
The scoop draw won't work with many holsters, such as the bellyband, most shoulder figs, a pocket holster, or some low-mounted tactical thigh scabbards.
All Kahr firearms feature nicely rounded edges, making them ideal for inside-the-waistband carry or concealment in a bellyband.