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dive so that one hits the water with one's belly

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Second favourite Colorful Champ will have just four rivals in heat two in the absence of Jester Can Run, and trainer Paul Hennessy will be hoping there is no repeat of the dog's near belly-flop at trap-rise and his subsequent forced hurdling of a falling rival on the opening bend last week.
Sterling's belly-flop over the past few months has left many exporters re-evaluating the profitability of supplying the UK market.
The left-hander said he woke up Monday and ``felt like I got hit by a truck,'' one day after his belly-flop came up short on Logan's bunt, leading to a seven-run third inning.
Nimble and quick Yashi, in multi-colored combat pants and a headband, immediately hurls himself--in a spectacular belly-flop off the top of the corner post--straight at Iwasa, in tight black shorts and boots.
Rather than risk a belly-flop, the first boy held his nose and jumped in feet first.
Readers learned about phone sex, belly-flop contests, and a couple who held their wedding at McDonald's.
It was not foreseeable that someone would attempt to carry out a dive or belly-flop and thus suffer grave injury.
A group of friends out shark fishing off Bude, Cornwall, saw a large fish jump out of the sea and belly-flop back in on Tuesday night.