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a mechanical device that blows a strong current of air

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If, then, Thetis has come to my house I must make her due requital for having saved me; entertain her, therefore, with all hospitality, while I put by my bellows and all my tools.
He set the bellows away from the fire, and gathered his tools into a silver chest.
Twenty bellows blew upon the melting-pots, and they blew blasts of every kind, some fierce to help him when he had need of them, and others less strong as Vulcan willed it in the course of his work.
Two terrible lions had fastened on a bellowing bull that was with the foremost cows, and bellow as he might they haled him, while the dogs and men gave chase: the lions tore through the bull's thick hide and were gorging on his blood and bowels, but the herdsmen were afraid to do anything, and only hounded on their dogs; the dogs dared not fasten on the lions but stood by barking and keeping out of harm's way.
replied the Jew, looking round as he plied the bellows.
Dawkins, and giving Master Bates a reproving tap with the nozzle of the bellows.
Newman's arm could no longer be restrained; the bellows, descending heavily and with unerring aim on the very centre of Mr Squeers's head, felled him to the floor, and stretched him on it flat and senseless.
For several hundred yards the bellowing bull carried his two savage antagonists, until at last the blade found his heart, when with a final bellow that was half-scream he plunged headlong to the earth.
Mowgli heard an answering bellow from the foot of the ravine, saw Shere Khan turn (the tiger knew if the worst came to the worst it was better to meet the bulls than the cows with their calves), and then Rama tripped, stumbled, and went on again over something soft, and, with the bulls at his heels, crashed full into the other herd, while the weaker buffaloes were lifted clean off their feet by the shock of the meeting.
Tenders are invited for Spare parts for repair and maintenance of the laser complex HANKWANG: Y-axis bell-beam bellows PS4-X01006-2pcs; Corrugated Z-axis bellows cover FS8-YZ1030-1pc; Gofra axis X bellows FS7-B02017-1pcs, X bellows FS7-B02018-1pcs, bc-bellows -R FS7-B02019-1pc; Y-axis bellows bellows cover YR FS4-X01036-1- 1piece, bellows cover YL FS4-X01037-1- 1pc; Gofra of the X axis bellows -R-FR FS7-M01111-2pcs, bellows LC FS7-M01113-1-1pcs, bellows-LR FS7-M01114-1-1pcs, bellows FS7-M01112-1-1pc; Filter of the vacuum pump Demister - cartridge 71232023-5pcs.
announced an addition to its Tablet Compression Accessories Catalog--metal detectable dust cups and bellows.
A WORK by the artist George Bellows - one of the most significant American artists of the early 20th century - is the centrepiece of a major new exhibition at Edgbaston's renowned Barber Institute of Fine Arts.
Her goal is first to highlight his passage from Trotskyism to neoconservatism and second to explore Bellows opinions on a variety of controversial issues such as class, race and gender, and ethnic belonging, specifically in relation to Israel, American Jews, and the Holocaust.
His portrait of Chicago--always Bellows favorite city--is especially evocative, which isn't always the case when Leader discusses other times and places.
10 November 2015 - US-based springs, specialty fasteners, machined parts provider MW Industries has acquired engineered bellows and electroformed components manufacturers Servometer and BellowsTech, the company said.