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The ownership of Avenfield has been proved after receiving the documents from UK government that Maryam Nawaz is sole proprieties of London based flats but she had been belligerently denying of her ownership and stated that not to speak of London based flats, she did not hold property even in her own country Pakistan.
The European Parliament has taken a decision consistent with its history; not only have we voted in the past a resolution in which Parliament adopted a clear-cut position in favour of the peace process, but also the history of the European Unin is not neutral one, but one of but a belligerently defending human rights and peace, said Luis de Grandes, (EPP, ES) Co-Chair of the European Parliament delegation to Colombia.
Initially, Downs was a dead ringer for the belligerently, hostile Grace Black in Hollyoaks, a female termagant, ready to deck any male who mentioned love or sang the exquisite music of marriage in her ears.
Amla, those two false shots aside, batted belligerently, economically and never attempted to overplay his hand scoring 94 in six-and-a-half hours.
To crib an opening line from one of Scott Taylor's Chronicle Herald articles: "On behalf of the millions of Canadians who are not of Ukrainian descent, I do not think that Ukraine is worth pushing anti-ISIS Russia further into the arms of belligerently anti-Western China.
Despite this, the Republican Presidential candidate remains true to form, belligerently insulting each of the businesses and individuals who have ended partnerships via his personal Twitter.
If Iran can behave so belligerently when it is staggering under economic sanctions, what will it be like when those sanctions are lifted?
Belligerently rebellious teens were a relative rarity back then.
They didn't hesitate to slap Russia with sanctions over its stance towards Ukraine, yet Turkey that openly collaborates with the Muslim Brotherhood and its takfiri affiliates gets away with being belligerently obstructive.
Coloma has rejected accusations by some groups that Aquino was being defiant or arrogant by belligerently defending the DAP despite the SC ruling.
During a four-and-a-half hour deposition video recorded last week after one of his bodyguards was accused of roughing up a photographer he swore at a court official, belligerently made fun of the lawyer and then threw a spectacular hissy fit after being questioned about a personal relationship.
The guy knows how to channel belligerently drunk like no other actor of his generation!
Their answers can be touching, quirky, gregarious, and often very funny, but as the film belligerently pushes beyond these moments, the cumulative effect is one of dread.
Old Central Street, woman wanted police to arrest her son for refusing to leave the property; he was acting aggressively and belligerently.