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Synonyms for belligerency

Synonyms for belligerency

hostile or warlike attitude or nature



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But the Qur'an is clear that defensive belligerency can only take place when there is religious oppression or people have been evicted from their homes.
It is true, as will be observed below, that on a handful of occasions States fighting rebel forces have accepted them as lawful combatants by recognizing a situation of belligerency.
Beijing, May 14 ( ANI ): Describing Washington's latest remarks on the South China Sea as "inspiring belligerency," Beijing has reportedly urged US to stop fueling maritime provocation.
Political cleavage lines soon became clear: Germany and Russia, both of which possessed large regular armies, intended to keep the definition of lawful belligerency highly restrictive, hence not allowing for a defensive levee en masse or even militia forces.
The remaining legacy of George Bush's simplistic belligerency is no longer the answer.
When he succeeded [the late] Imam Khomeini [in June 1989] he became a craftier merchant, but this time a seller of expensive [Persian] carpets, always raising his price when the potential foreign buyer appeared to be interested, with a degree of belligerency at the beginning [of negotiations], only to come down just as the deal appeared to be on the verge of collapse".
With the ravages of democratic ideas, however, the modern republic cannot go to war under the old conceptions of autocracy and death-dealing belligerency.
Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie, who lodged the motion calling on Walker to resign, added: "His belligerency to vacate his seat is a flagrant insult to the parliament and to the taxpayer.
She pointed out that recently Indian belligerency against Pakistan has increased tremendously with violations of air space, firing across LoC and international border and with increased efforts to steal Pakistan's river water, especially the Chenab, in clear violation of the Indus Waters Treaty.
25) During the American Civil War, for instance, the Union implicitly recognized the existence of a belligerency by the declaring of a blockade against the Confederacy.
In addition, and as a result, all acts of belligerency, incursion or the so-called hot pursuit practiced by Israel against us must stop.
The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.
The Constitution says, "The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.
52) Another view might be that the rules applicable to international armed conflict, as customary international law, apply to non-international armed conflicts that meet the threshold for a belligerency under the international law of war, (53) while any sort of contention that does not rise to such a level falls outside the law of war and is governed by domestic law only (in compliance with the state's obligations under international human rights law).
The President of our Republic however must not join Khartoum belligerency path, but go for peace where he may find it.