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someone employed as an errand boy and luggage carrier around hotels

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There are honest laughs and no condescension in the clean perfs of the three ladies (and one bellhop) who throw themselves at their idol: Mary Catherine Garrison's Maggie, the silly girl eager to lose her virginity to a sexy star; Jennifer Laura Thompson's Diana, the soprano determined to screw her way to the Met; Brooke Adams' Julia, the elegant culture vulture who just wants to touch an authentic artist; and--the most desperate of them all--Jay Klaitz's opera-mad bellhop, too crazed to care that he's certifiable.
At the end of my stay, the Harvard-educated bellhop comes to the room again.
Well, he or she is a hotel guest who, in order to avoid tipping the bellhop, rushes into the bathroom as soon as the hotel room door is opened.
I'm really starting to feel like a professional "Out Traveler," yet I'm still unsure about tipping hotel bellhops. Is there a general rule?
a dancer, acrobat, comic, truck driver's helper, diving champion, bellhop, camp swim instructor, football and track competitor, carhop, lifeguard, water-show star, war hero, producer, world traveler, nightclub manager, civic center director, salesman, Santa Claus, elected official, fund-raiser, newspaper columnist, janitor, truck driver and Hall of Famer?
You won't find a tight-collared bellhop or a bunch of busy little uniforms at the Captain Bartlett.
Usually a tour company pays baggage charges--the client doesn't have to tip the bellhop when he or she arrives with the luggage.
The bellhop will smell nice for the rest of the day, thanks to hugging and lugging this plant up to the 15th floor.
My husband opened the door to find a very young and very red-faced bellhop holding a box (with an unsealed lid) stating he had a delivery for me.
holding the hotel door for the guests, and signalling for a bellhop to
He's the only bellhop in Reno, and probably in the entire world, with a master's degree in botany and credit for finding the first specimens of 19 species--so far.
Portraits of the Ayatollah Khomeini stared ominously from the walls of the hotel restaurant where waiters dressed in strange bellhop uniforms serve distinctly un-Iranian delights such as shrimp cocktail and non-alcoholic beer.
The job of bellhop, for instance, has existed since anything with wheels was created.
He was a cook boy, shoeshine boy, hotel bellhop. He went into the service where he learned how to cook, came out, and went home to the South to get a job as a short-order cook and nobody would hire him.