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someone employed as an errand boy and luggage carrier around hotels

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At the end of my stay, the Harvard-educated bellhop comes to the room again.
After the hotel opened late last year, the bellhop said, naked and semidressed staff members were encouraged to pose in front of the windows.
Well, he or she is a hotel guest who, in order to avoid tipping the bellhop, rushes into the bathroom as soon as the hotel room door is opened.
I'm really starting to feel like a professional "Out Traveler," yet I'm still unsure about tipping hotel bellhops.
Two minutes later the bellhop came back all out of breath.
He's the only bellhop in Reno, and probably in the entire world, with a master's degree in botany and credit for finding the first specimens of 19 species--so far.
And Chan Pak, 81, who traded in his stuffy bellhop uniform for three-piece suits more befitting a socialite, isn't about to call it quits at the renowned Peninsula hotel.
A grandson of former slaves, Gaston was born in 1892 and started his climb up the corporate ladder doing a variety of odd jobs including work as a bellhop and as an iron worker, where he earned $3.
He met her in 1958, when he was a fourteen-year-old bellhop at the Hotel Scribe, where she was staying.
OTCBB: USXP), subsidiary, Virtual Bellhop announced a strategic partnership with Windstar Cruises.
LIVE and received a surprise party complete with a DJ, bellhop acrobats, dancers, and the gift of one million Marriott Rewards points.
With Adam's techno- savvy nephew Jacob (Duke) in tow, they drive to the snow-laden mountains where the hotel is now in disrepair and bellhop Phil (Glover) is mysteriously missing an arm.
And later, the diva dressed as a male bellhop before ending the day in a tight snakeskin number.
A transient hotel is a building or part of a building in which: living or sleeping accommodations are used primarily for transient occupancy, and may be rented on a daily basis; one or more common entrances serve all such living or sleeping units; and; twenty-four hour desk service is provided, in addition to one ore more of the following services: housekeeping, telephone, or bellhop service,, or the furnishing or laundering of linens.
HOUSTON, April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Sports Express, LLC, a premier luggage and sports equipment delivery service, announced today the acquisition of two previously competing door-to-door luggage delivery brands: Luggage Express and Virtual Bellhop.