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Synonyms for belle

Synonyms for belle

a person regarded as physically attractive

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a young woman who is the most charming and beautiful of several rivals

References in classic literature ?
Gripping George by the shoulder and pulling him to his feet, he held him with one hand while he looked at Belle Carpenter seated on the grass.
Then Ed Handby took Belle Carpenter by the arm and marched her away.
Come and show yourself," said Miss Belle, leading the way to the room where the others were waiting.
Take your silver butterfly, and catch up that long curl on the left side of her head, Clara, and don't any of you disturb the charming work of my hands," said Belle, as she hurried away, looking well pleased with her success.
I'm nowhere beside you, for Belle has heaps of taste, and you're quite French, I assure you.
To complete her confusion, she saw Belle nudge Annie, and both glance from her to Laurie, who, she was happy to see, looked unusually boyish and shy.
Poor girls don't stand any chance, Belle says, unless they put themselves forward," sighed Meg.
Black Southern Belle created the Collective to create a collaborative space for businesses in the South that have a lifestyle niche.
FACTORY FACE-OFF: Joanie slaps Belle FACTORY FACE-OFF: Joanie slaps Belle
Belle Vale shopping centre is running the campaign to show its pride in being a part of the area's history.
A brief statement from Belle Vue said: "Trainer Paul Doolan is no longer attached to Belle Vue following a meeting with management.
The Northern Belle will be departing from Huddersfield Railway Station on Saturday, May 7.
In this, the third series, Belle is struggling to juggle her three lives - as ordinary Hannah, escort Belle and an author who writes under a pseudonym.
It comes after Dr Brooke Magnanti outed herself as the author of the Belle de Jour story, which detailed her life as a London call girl.
For Beyer Blinder Belle, the commission offered an opportunity not only to create a stunning addition to historic Louisville's downtown skyline, but also to build a structure that embodies the spirit and legacy of Muhammad Ali.