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someone employed as an errand boy and luggage carrier around hotels

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But John had earlier tried to get in through the patio doors and found them locked so the bellboy's statement suggests the killer or killers were still inside when John tried the doors.
Tony told teammates Lady C, 66, Chris, 49, and Kieron, 36: "Dressed up in a bellboy outfit, this is not really what we signed up for and it is not really our cup of tea."
But moments later the former bellboy found himself at the centre of an horrific murder investigation.
to a late, he they 'They wanted him to wear a bellboy hat but he refused' INSIDER
A man who identified himself as Gustavo Perez, a bellboy at the Bourbon hotel near Asuncion, told local radio that Tyler slipped when he was taking a shower and "had a nasty fall."
"Perhaps he saw something I didn't." - on the bellboy who, upon seeing Best with a magnum of champagne, thousands of pounds and the then Miss Universe in his hotel room, asked "George, where did it all go wrong"I was in for 10 hours and had 40 pints - beating my previous record by 20 minutes." - on a blood transfusion for his liver transplant
It was a case of 'Pull the other one, it's got bells on' because her new-found third cousin turned out to be a bellboy way out in the Rockies.
Former hotel bellboy Rajiv Bhujun vanished from the Indian Ocean island shortly before the trial started in May.
A FORMER Cunard worker saluted the good old days as he came face to face with his past as a bellboy on the transatlantic shipping line.
THE revelation that the missing bellboy in the Michaela McAreavey murder investigation has suddenly resurfaced is of deep concern.
Comes A Bright Day (15) pounds 15.99 Sam Smith works as a bellboy at a luxury London hotel.
'The strangest experience was meeting a bellboy in a hotel in the Canadian Rockies and finding out he was my cousin - and he had relatives in Bala!'
At 2.57pm bellboy Rajiv Bhujan opened the door for John and left but seconds later John found Michaela's body in a bath filled with water.
GRAND HISTORY AND FAMOUS FA ACES OF GLASGOW'S MOST GLAMOROUS HOTEL Bellboy reveals secrets of the stars EXCLUSIVE HOLLYWOOD'S most famous horse spent the night in the bridal suite of Glasgow's most glamorous hotel with cowboy star Roy Rogers.