bell-shaped curve

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a symmetrical curve representing the normal distribution

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In valuing the first property, the appraiser estimated a standard deviation of $100,000 and assumed a normal bell-shaped curve distribution.
The men's histogram looks like a bell-shaped curve whereas the women's is a multimodal curve.
The bell-shaped curve of income distribution seems to have disappeared, and in its place a barbell or hourglass-shaped distribution curve has appeared as the bifurcation of consumers is creating a noticeable shift in the economy and, in particular, in retailing.
Elementary statistics stipulates that the bell-shaped curve is valid for a large sample over time, since this configuration reflects the general population.
It has always seemed to me that just about everything good or bad can be described by a bell-shaped curve.
In our September 2011 release, we derived from several resources the number of publications published PubMed-indexed journals by our 101 colleagues that are included in the advisory board; our statistics editor created a bell-shaped curve according to mean number of publications and standard deviation.
people with heart attacks) under a null hypothesis, the data would fall (or vary from person to person) in the shape of a bell-shaped curve, with very few scores (data points) at either extreme of the curve and most data points around the mean in the center.
In that case, its bell-shaped curve will just be at an overall higher level than its competitors.
The primary output, a histogram of net present values (NPV), maps the entire distribution of possible outcomes as a bell-shaped curve and therefore estimates the probability of success for the project (e.
Since the fiscal year starts in the middle of the calendar year, a graph of donations creates a bell-shaped curve as pronounced as that of any retail store.
In both sets of experiments, much of the data agreed with Einstein and fell within the bell-shaped curve, but the team also observed unexpected movements of beads outside the prediction of the curve.
And, although there is a wide range in the self-reported importance of religion, from a high of 85% for residents of Mississippi to a low of 42% for residents of Vermont, the distribution of religiosity by state takes the shape of a bell-shaped curve, clustered around the overall nationwide mean of 65%.
The severity and outcome of any illness--including schizophrenia--falls into a bell-shaped curve, from very mild to very severe.
They are called normal because many natural distributions follow this familiar bell-shaped curve.