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trousers with legs that flare

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Tie-dye or embroider to customize, then pair the top with bell-bottoms or a suede skirt.
In song after song, it becomes clear that, while this is a band that wears its influences openly (and sometimes with bell-bottoms, at that), its sounds and groove are wholly its own, and laid down with a great deal of skill.
But I am hoping and praying bell-bottoms, which Cavalli had, will not make the cut.
Jeanius cuts Dust off your flares - bell-bottoms are the silhouette of the season.
Dig out your kaftans and bell-bottoms, 60s' hippy DONOVAN and the LONDON CONTEMPORARY ORCHESTRA will be playing his most popular songs, like Sunshine Superman, Jennifer Juniper and Mellow Yellow, at London's Royal Albert Hall on June 3.
When Bunty goes back to the 70s, he witnesses the eye-popping and vibrant fashions - bell-bottoms, beehive hairdos, polka dot dresses, wide collared shirts, long sideburns and vintage cars.
If you look around at what is happening in our industry right now, it's easy to get the impression that the big boxes are a little like that old pair of white bell-bottoms.
* P: It's so windy my bell-bottoms are turning inside out and twirling about my hairy knees!
CHICAGO-From bell-bottoms to VW Bugs to ponchos, everything is coming up '70s.
Posed against a stained curtain, a slim young sailor-prince wearing high-waisted bell-bottoms, a cap printed with the Kodak logo, and extra-large sunglasses gazes off into an imaginary distance.
Like a moldering pair of bell-bottoms retrieved from a decrepit hamper, realpolitik is suddenly back in fashion and once again turning its sturdy, unapologetic mien upon a recalcitrant world.
Apply liberally and wear bell-bottoms and flicked hair for maximum impact.
Models donned ultra-feminine baggy bell-bottoms and razor cut trouser suits, along with white cotton denim and sexy transparent tops that will turn heads in the summer of 2000.
Aging particle physicists can relive the 1960s without squeezing into old bell-bottoms or blaring dusty Jimi Hendrix albums.