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(of trousers) having legs that flare at the bottom

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As long as we don't also bring back bell-bottomed denims and feather-cut hairdos, OK?
But their bravery was never, ever in doubt and throughout Cardiff and other ports during those years of war any man wearing a silver MN badge was respected as much as any bell-bottomed Royal Naval sailor.
The most popular items at Retro Annie's are bell-bottomed blue jeans, khaki pants, sun dresses and mah-jong bracelets, she said.
But museum staff haven't included a pair of old fashioned bell-bottomed trousers, or loons as they were once known.
After showing how 13ers have rejected the Boomer sixties esthetic, Howe and Strauss note that "like tie-dyed Marlena Baxter, making a living selling falafel to Grateful Deadheads, or like bell-bottomed Olivia D'Abo, cast as a hippieish girl in The Wonder Years, 13ers know how to present a Boomerish front when it works to their advantage." Here's how: "They just rent Easy Rider and Hair videos, and hey, no problem." Virtually any statement by a twentysomething seems sufficient to make a sweeping generalization: "Like the young New Republic editor Andrew Sullivan, [13ers] consider themselves |post-ideological.'" We do?
Army Corps of Engineers reported seeing rafts carrying "about 620,000 feet of timber and about 10,000 barrels of rosin." To build bridges and docks, loggers took baldcypress out of the seasonally flooded swamps beside the river, but they left the largest trees because the bell-bottomed giants had been hollowed by dry rot.
Sharp dresser Sir Bradley, who wore a bell-bottomed suit, said: "I'm still shaking now.
Kipper ties, bell-bottomed trousers, medallions and fake chest hair were all on display.
A spokesman said: "The girls' exclusive D&G tour wardrobe will range from super-sexy, street-raider micro shorts paired with tight tops, romantic, see-through, chiffon baby-dolls, to hippy-style, bell-bottomed, flower power embroidered jeans and vests in an explosion of colour, glamour and funk!"