bell the cat

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Raila however was not expected to 'bell the cat' so soon after the handshake or rapprochement with Uhuru.
Perhaps it is time for me to bell the cat. For many years now, there have been rumblings of discontentment with this august body that is formed to register medical practitioners and regulate medical practice.
But the question is who will bell the cat," said a private airline executive on condition of anonymity.
But who will bell the cat? Many mice try and fail--Wee Mouse, Tiny Mouse and Teeny Mouse narrowly escape--and even the nearby Rat Pack is no help.
Until an intelligent, crafty and shrewd rat came up with a solution: Bell the cat, to know cat's arrival and departure, and save the rats!: A lot of hurrahs, clapping and loud shrieks of victory followed.
To that, Morales gave a brief but weighty answer: 'The question is 'who among the [representatives] will bell the cat?' But I am impeachable.
Pakistan will never need to sell companies or carry begging bowl if rural elite start paying taxes but who will bell the cat, he questioned.
In fact, I remember in one board meeting of one of the largest UAE banks, an esteemed board member shouting out that if retail was aggressively pursued "who will bell the cat?" if NPL's arose.
The sad fact is that there is always talk of sorting out the media for their unscrupulous behaviour but who will bell the cat?
Who will bell the cat? That, in colloquial language, has been the puzzle for more than a year in the push to oust Assad.
At the Valdai dinner, it fell to Timothy Coulter, a Harvard professor, to bell the cat, to speak truth to power.