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a bell-shaped tent

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We'll be drying off in bell tents, in the "glamping" area, making full use of the teepee provided for plugging in hair straighteners, complete with Hollywood-style illuminated mirrors.
Sunday, July 28: 9am-10am, Wake Up & Flow Indian Tent; 9am-10am, Mindfulness Yoga in Pairs Bell Tent; 10am-11am, Gong Bath Indian Tent; 10am-11am, Crystal Healing Bell Tent; 11am-noon, Temple Dance Indian Tent; 11am-noon, Enjoy Ecstatic Energy Bell Tent; Noon-1pm, Pyramid Yoga Indian Tent; Noon-1pm, Yin Immersion Bell Tent; 1pm-2pm, Shamanic Healing Indian Tent; 1pm-2pm, Connect to your Unconscious Bell Tent; 2pm-3pm ,Kundalini Dance Indian Tent; 2pm-3pm, Kundalini Yoga Bell Tent; 3pm-4pm, Inner Dance Indian Tent; 3pm-4pm, Restorative Yoga & Mindfulness Bell Tent; 4pm-5pm, Primordial Sound Healing Indian Tent; 4pm-5pm, Mechanisms of Mediation Bell Tent; 5pm-6pm, Kirtan Yoga Indian Tent; 5pm-6pm, Kindfulness Bell Tent.
ACCOMMODATION WE STAYED in a pretty bell tent, which featured a full-sized sleigh bed and two camp beds for the kids.
Look out for drop-in sessions on August 23, 25 and 27 from 11am to 3pm by the bell tent in the Orchard Garden.
Winner: Two winners the gold party package which includes entry into Fort Douglas, hire of the Bell Tent, a children's party food box plus a one hour Ranger activity for up to 20 children and 10 adults.
Following the trend of most major festivals, organisers are this year including a glamping option with bell tents kitted out with proper beds and luxury furnishings for attendees who don't fancy roughing it in a two-man tent.
What you get: Bell tents that accommodate from four to six people.
This year a four-man bell tent started at PS330 while a fourperson yurt was PS480.
As we got to know them better it turned out that they had a bell tent at an exotic sounding faraway place called Holt Fleet, and more to the point they had offered to take me with them on a two-week holiday there.
On display is a Bell Tent circa 1941, comparable to the cramped tents used for frontline surgery.
l HERE is your chance to enjoy the Rewind Scotland festival in the most luxurious fashion, by winning our prize of a Hotel Bell Tent luxury camping package for two.
The pair even has a bell tent for outside use when space is limited.
Other options include the classic bell tent and luxury bell tents, which start from PS410 and include duvets and pillows, bedside tables, battery lantern, padlocks and other luxuries such as bath towels.