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the shape of a bell


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SAFs with dumb bell shape were more common in the left side in the present study which matches the report of Kintu et al [8] but as per study reports of Lalit et al, [6] Ashita et al [7] and Girish & Shishir, [9] right side dominates over left side.
an oval kidney, dumb bell shape, is also an indication of the further restriction of the movements at the atlanto-occipital joint.
In this process the N2 pressure argon pressure and turntable speed were selected as variables Table 2: Linguistic variables and ranges for triangular and bell shape membership
Table 4: Residual error and accuracy of fuzzy model using triangular membershipTable 5: Residual error and accuracy of fuzzy model using bell shape membership
In this model triangular and bell shape membership function was used to describe the fuzzy sets for input variables and output response.
The following code is an example of the program command for the input N2 pressure variable using the bell shape membership.
Meanwhile as shown in Table 5 the highest residual error and prediction accuracy for fuzzy rule-based model using bell shape membership function are 9.24% and 90.20% respectively.
Triangular and bell shape were selected as membership functions for the input and output fuzzy set.
Horn and Clamp Assembly with the Bell Shape Horn installed.
Bell Shape:You should avoid skimpy balconette-style bras and choose something with plenty of material that offers good coverage.
BELL SHAPE Slimmer at the top, fuller at the bottom