bell ringing

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Synonyms for bell ringing

the sound of someone playing a set of bells

persuasion of voters in a political campaign

playing a set of bells that are (usually) hung in a tower

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Present during the closing bell ringing ceremonies were PSE directors Wilson Sy, Amor Iliscupidez, Jesus Clint Aranas, Francis Chua, Eusebio Tanco, Vivian Yuchengco, Edgardo Lacson and Emmanuel Bautista; Ayala Corp.
Virginia Crompton, of the community interest company Big Ideas who is leading the New Year call for bell ringers, said: "If you want to feel part of your local community, bell ringing could be for you.
They can meet the bell ringers, enjoy demonstrations and displays and hand bell ringing before entering the bell chamber itself, where they will see at close quarters the heaviest and highest peal of bells in the world.
Bills introduced during the sitting that sparked much debate and bell ringing were:
president and bell ringing around the world on Wednesday will mark 50 years to the minute that civil rights leader Martin Luther King ended his landmark "I have a dream" speech.
Helena Harrison gets a lesson in bell ringing from Simon Linford, Master of the St Martins Guild, top, while student Saaber Jan Mirzaei is shown the ropes by Tony Daw.
In addition to a bell ringing ceremony around a young cherry tree at the Wentworth By the Sea Hotel, where the diplomats stayed, there were similar events at the John Paul Jones House Museum, where a centennial treaty exhibit is housed, and the Strawberry Banke Museum, where important dialogues between locals and diplomats took place.
But after watching others and giving it a try himself, it was the actual bell ringing itself which became his new passion.
Gay, who has taken Egyptian dance lessons too, recalled: "Once I was supposed to be performing live, but the dates were changed and it clashed with a bell ringing rendition so I had to cancel it.
What's more, he is celebrating ringing his first quarter peal on 10 bells - a continuous piece of bell ringing lasting 45 minutes that many adult bell ringers fail to accomplish.
The bell ringing will be repeated throughout 2011 to commemorate significant events, such as a Rededication Service set for April 10.
Mr Griffin said yesterday: "A bell ringing is a very harsh sound.
Mr Hughes, who was bell tower captain at St Michael's, started bell ringing at the church at the age of eight or nine and became a popular figure.
As I sit here among my stacks of letters awaiting response, videotapes awaiting screening, and books awaiting reading, with the little computer bell ringing to alert me to another e-mail awaiting an answer, I can see the appeal of a drug like crystal.