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Synonyms for bell ringer

a person who rings church bells (as for summoning the congregation)


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someone who plays musical handbells

something that exactly succeeds in achieving its goal

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FIVE bell ringers from one church who lost their lives in World War One will be remembered as their successors ring out for peace on November 11.
To commemorate the 1400 bell ringers who died in the First World War, the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, together with the Big Ideas Company, and the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, have launched a new campaign to recruit 1400 new bell ringers.
It's part of the Ringing Remembers campaign to recruit 1,400 new bell ringers nationwide in memory of the 1,400 bell ringers who died in the First World War.
If The Mora course is used (and based on the minimum of a 14 km loop, The Vasa would be a four-lap race, The Classic three laps, The Dala two laps and the Bell Ringer and The Team would go around once.
That includes the money shoppers drop into the bell ringers' red kettles at 24 locations in Eugene and Springfield, as well as online and mail-in donations.
The next day, another man came to the pastor to apply for the job of bell ringer.
She plans to continue her research and focus on bell ringer ideas for health science.
Hilton Roberts has been a bell ringer at All Saints Church, Gresford, Wrexham for 50 years and a tower captain for 19.
A pagan, spiritual, and poetic ceremony, it silently evoked a world deserted by a supreme being who has ceded his place to a horde of old synthetic animals, the secondary divinities of a cult whose great, disenchanted director would be none other than Charlemagne Palestine-let's not forget that he was once the bell ringer at St.
The cast was led by Paul Thrussell, splendid in a ferocious portrayal of Quasimodo, the Hunchback--a bell ringer who lives in the loft spaces of Notre Dame.
Rewinding the clock, choosing the bell ringer, locking the tower, and the use of bells during festivals and rites of passage could also generate conflicts.
Roger, a bell ringer in his spare time, was first challenged to take part in a parachute jump by his twin brother Bernard to raise money for the charity Guide Dogs for the Blind.
Roped in: Erdington Abbey bell ringer Simon Linford.
We climb 65 steps up a narrow and winding staircase of St Paul's Church in the Jewellery Quarter, before reaching the ringing chamber where he explains how a crush on a young female bell ringer led to his involvement in campanology as a youngster.
Salvation Army bell ringer Nathen Smith, 28, was told to spend the night outdoors.