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a bell-shaped glass cover used to protect and display delicate objects or to cover scientific apparatus or to contain gases

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By the end of the experiment, the cotton wool in the tobacco bell jar is brown, the inside of the bell jar is brown and the tube leading to the air pump is thick with tar.
I believe that our organisations live under a bell jar also.
Following Strangeways's model, this article documents Plath's scrupulous engagement with James Joyce and argues The Bell Jar is a considered engagement with--and final departure from--Joyce's influence.
More than one reviewer has drawn comparisons with Sylvia Plath and The Bell Jar. High praise and no doubt merited.
If it's a stylish and interesting addition you're after, then look no further than the Bell Jar light.
Geo print throw, Matalan,, PS15 Autumn botanical pillar candle, The White Company,, PS26 Two tone ceramic jug, Matalan,, PS18 Yawara hexagonal mirror, La Redoute,, PS75 Copper effect bell jar lamp, ASDA, direct.
The Inoperative Community in The Bell Jar. The Sharing of Interrupted Myth
Before her wedding, Dunst will serve as a writer and director for the upcoming film "The Bell Jar," which stars her fiancAaAaAeA@ Plemon Dakota Fanning and Patricia Arquette, among many others.
WEIRD AND WONDERFUL Skull bell jar, PS10, George Home Scarily beautiful, this skull in a bell jar reminds me of a painting in the National Gallery in London.
A fond childhood memory of summers in Pampanga was going into the kitchen for a snack: From a bell jar filled with bagoong-salty, pink, fermented shrimp paste-we fished out cooked pork.
Ryan, who worked at New York Theatre Workshop, Point Loma Playhouse, and Barrington Stage Company, will use the fellowship to develop Every Path, a multidisciplinary work inspired by excerpts from Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar and Joanna Newsom's "Baby Birch," combining elements of sculpture, performance art, original music, and contemporary dance.
Liverpool born singer-songwriter Kathryn Williams popped back to her long-adoptive home in the North East last night on the penultimate date of a tour to promote her latest album Hypoxia, a collection of songs about Sylvia Plath's only novel 'The Bell Jar".
KATHRYN Williams' 12th studio album is a nine-song, half-hour effort based on Sylvia Plath's classic novel The Bell Jar, an unusual approach which developed from a commission for the 2013 Durham Book Festival.
There's also a contortionist climbing out of a giant bell jar, a giant Transformers-type robot who shoots fireworks from his arms (a deliciously brief but impressive addition to the line-up), leggy trapeze artists spinning around and holding on to silk sheets by their little toes alone, a spinesnappingly bendy lady who can use a crossbow with her feet, and a duo who are able to balance one another on their heads.
5.1.1 Place the silicon wafer with SU-8 device molds or the petri dish in a vacuum bell jar with a volume of [approximately equal to] 3.6 L.