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Synonyms for belittling

a belittling comment

the act of belittling

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Prosecutors charged the Irish suspect of belittling the policeman, calling him bad names and objecting to the procedures he was doing and filming him while she was drunk.
It also amounts to belittling judiciary,' reads the report of Delhi-based rights group Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan (PMS).
It also amounts to belittling judiciary," reads the report of Delhi-based rights group Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan (PMS).
But if she carries on belittling you in front of your colleagues, then speak to someone in HR and get their advice - because it's bullying behaviour.
Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala demanded an apology from Amit Shah for " belittling" the Father of the Nation.
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu denounces a Tehran anti-Israel cartoon contest themed around the Holocaust, accusing Iran of denying and belittling it as well as "preparing another Holocaust".
ARMAGH boss Kieran McGeeney has hit out at ex-footballers for "belittling" the current game and told them they weren't as good as they think they were.
"Belittling Lyoune means belittling Rabat, lying about Dakhla means lying about Tangiers and slandering Smara means slandering Fez," said Hilale at a UNHRC debate on minorities.
BOXING: Barry McGuigan has hit out at the notion that Andrew Flintoff's boxing experience is belittling the sport.
Rai stressed the need that "the International Community should shoulder its responsibility ", considering that such "insults threaten safety of people." He added that those who belittle religion are actually belittling God, stressing "the need to take a position which leads to a final decision'.
"The Olympics is about winning and you're belittling that if you say let's throw a spectacle by picking someone more popular.
From now onwards, I shall not be responding to any more belittling letters, I think I have explained more than enough and what the readers believe and what they think of me is really their prerogative.
He added that the government's complete silence on the Syrian incursions into Lebanese territory reflected "a disavowal" of the violation of Lebanese sovereignty or belittling them.
As for Jim's suggestion about belittling trainers' problems, I stand by what I wrote that day: "The principle of attempting to improve prize-money is laudable, but execution of the group's strategic exercise has been woefully inept."
Hodge of Hepburn Grove, Sunderland, was arrested, and told police he had found the comments towards Miss Hutchinson "belittling and degrading".