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In our study, we investigated whether or not people use these two tactics, and which tactic is dominant when they attempt to tell lies with the aim either of self-aggrandizement or of belittlement of others.
By extension, then, Patmore's comparison of the "great" plays of Shakespeare and the "greatest and most agitating events and passions" presented by Scott with Austen's "perfect," "beautiful," "small" novels underscores the belittlement of his criticism--as the title, "Comparing Small Things with Great" implies.
The modern theory of education as a form of self-discovery--indeed, the understanding of the child as a privileged category of humankind, a creature not to be tampered with by pedantic rules or warped by parental correction--is deducible from Spinoza's deification of human reason and his assault on classical-Christian tradition with its "belittlement," as he saw it, of the human capacity for knowing and controlling the world in all its facets.
But whereas the undiplomatic Stanford repeatedly regretted his incautious tongue, the equally undiplomatic Elgar collected grievances (real or imagined) with a lapidarist's devotion, and afterwards exhibited considerable relish in elaborate belittlement of Stanford while giving a public lecture.
At the end, when he lines everyone else up at the front of the stage and leaves Macheath and Polly up at the back of the set's top balcony, he delivers the final belittlement of Macheath.
MELVYN Bragg, in his new TV series, The Adventure of English (ITV), maintains the great English historical tradition of self-aggrandisement and belittlement of the original language of England, Wales and most of Scotland for the previous 1,000 years.
Look, for example, at the appalling exploitation of past suffering described in their accounts of the uses of the Holocaust by Tom Segev, Peter Novick and Norman Finkelstein or, just to stay within the area of historical restitution and reparation, the invidious disfiguring, dismembering and disremembering of significant historical experiences that do not have powerful enough lobbies in the present and therefore merit dismissal or belittlement. The need now is for deintoxicated, sober histories that make evident the multiplicity and complexity of history without allowing one to conclude that it moves forward impersonally according only to laws determined either by the divine or by the powerful.
He was invariably enraged by any belittlement displayed by the English towards anything American.
Sometimes the man has made them this way with belittlement strategies; often their childhoods have made them feel they deserve it.
* Attempting to silence or minimize people and organizations who have views that conflict with ours, often through demonization and belittlement. When your views are unpopular or adverse to broader interests, respectful debate just won't do.
His whole oeuvre, with rare exceptions, can be seen as a gigantic figure of meiosis, a rhetorical belittlement of the human condition, except that, as Lawrence Alloway pointed out many years ago, it so often makes reference and aspires to the Grand Manner of traditional High Art: Velazquez, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Degas.
Historically, our education planning has badly misfired under devolution: a tale of too many targets (nearly all missed), too many plans, visions, revisions and a catalogue of false dawns in the light of international belittlement. I review in detail the sorry, reiterated narrative of systemic overreach and under-delivery in my forthcoming book which will be published in late 2017.
What kind of mercifulness and court belittlement, Rizaov concludes.
There were a few rare moments where I felt the social commentary was not subtle enough, but the film manages to convey the nuances and complexity of the protagonist's life and the events engulfing the country without simplistic depictions or belittlement.
He doesn't like belittlement and we are getting a fair assessment of the acts.