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In fact, if you read it another way, these words are an expression of belittlement for the courts and their judges.
McIntire's claim in discussing Protestants that, "[i]n spite of their historical dominance, they welcome invisibility, present an image of embarrassment, tolerate their belittlement by others, and quietly suffer neglect by scholars of religion" (76), is difficult to accept.
But this is one controversy - caused by a manager with a penchant for public belittlement - that Chelsea should not be allowed to usher away quietly.
And Oliver has to contend with much more than belittlement or discouragement from others.
White envy leads to belittlement of black people through discriminatory and insulting sexual references.
The sixth congress of PDSH took place in a time when Albanians from Macedonia are tired of the belittlement, lack of freedom, democracy, poverty, debts and ignoring their cultural values and waiting for the Euro-Atlantic integration.
For example, Jahangosha Jovaynni states that: At this time when the kindness and generosity were rarely seen, good people are afflicted with suffering and belittlement, but base people are in power, when the generous, learned people are engulfed with calamity but ignorant gourmands live in luxury, benevolent men are rejected and discarded, every respected man is subjugated and led by a base man[9].
This belittlement of the Palestinian suffering shows the obliviousness and neglect of many Israelis when it comes to the situation in the West Bank.
Yet the urgency of the giving--even though there are urgent circumstances--may have all sorts of unintended consequences and reactions such as embarrassment, belittlement, resentment, greed, and envy.
Research has shown many nurses have experienced feelings of humiliation, intimidation, belittlement and isolation from colleagues.
In her study Ozkal (2011) found that university students were mostly exposed to isolation and ideological bullying, and Alzahrani (2012) reported that verbal abuse and belittlement were more common that physical abuse among university students.
More dangerously, many among the United States' partners, whether in Europe or in the region, perceived the behavior of President Barack Obama's administration as being a stab in the back, a belittlement of the partnership, alliance, and joint coordination, and a recanting of the positions this administration has been reiterating since the eruption of war in March 2011.
In another, large survey from the US8, 42 Percent of senior medical students reported having experienced harassment and 84 Percent reported experiencing belittlement during medical school.
Together with the Slavophile idealization of Russian traditions, this idea contributed to the belittlement of law and formal legal systems, which were supposedly foreign to the Russian spirit.
Laura writes with transparency as she tells of feelings of rejection, betrayal, verbal abuse, belittlement, and condemnation experienced as a child and in her teens.